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Archangel (@Man1stArtist2nd) – Agent Orange (Lyric Video)

| May 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

Archangel has designed a lane of his own leaving an example for others to follow. The Memphis native has defied all commandments of traditional Memphis Hip-Hop, creating a sound that is comparable to only what he has created. From exultation of Hallelujah M.U.S.I.C to maturing into the upper echelon of the indie artist realm, this appreciable emcee has proven himself to be a formidable legend among the southern-bred pioneers such as Eightball & MJG, Scarface, and the incomparable Playa Fly.

Like others finding their way through the music culture as delivery men and women, Archangel took his humble start and transcended into greater heights, all while maintaining a sense of humility, with hit’s like ‘It’s the A”, “Hood N*gga”, and “Dreaming”, he has gained a loyal fan base which surpasses all categorized boundaries

His latest release The Elite EP gives listeners an in depth view into the soul of an artist who has put everything in him into an 8-track project filled with consistent lyricism and powered by faultless production.

On the heels of promoting the EP which was released early in 2014, Archangel has held a consistent tour schedule over the mid-south parring with some of the regions most impeccable talent, and he continues to set himself apart all while embracing the other, like-minded emancipators of what has been said to be a genre held captive, all in the name of Hip-Hop.

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Twitter: @Man1stArtist2nd

[Video] Scrill White (@IamScrill) – I Can Tell + Mp3

| May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Scrill White (@IamScrill) is back with a banging follow-up to “These Niggas Fake”. “I Can Tell” talks about those little funny ways people have, but they believe we can’t see it…Well; Scrill White debunks that theory and lets them know “I Can Tell”. This record brings in production by L Beats, which keeps the vibe going high from beginning to end. With a record this solid, it was only right to release it with a hot visual. Team Bigga Rankin Film’s very own ShotzOnline recorded this video while they were on the StreetNGreet tour and we see a cameo by Miami artist, Khaotic. Press Play, watch the video, and download the record today.
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Twitter: @IamScrill
Instagram: IamScrill

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Press Release for Hardhitter Entertainment (@hardhitterent1)

| May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Treasure Marketing LLC. would like to introduce “Hardhitter Entertainment a dynamic & diverse entertainment company. HardHitter Entertainment is an innovative independent entertainment company based in Nashville, TN. The foundation of success was laid by founder Sky Blacke. What makes HardHitter Entertainment unique is its prominent platform to promote & develop artists of all genres in the most efficient and innovative opportunities available in entertainment. The label equips their artists with tools to grow their brand, and assist in music distribution to their specific target audience.

The sky is never a limit when you are a HardHitter! “We hit hard” to find out more about HardHitter Entertainment visit them on
Instagram: hardhitterent1
Twitter: @hardhitterent1

[Video] Frontstreet (@Frontstree) – Really in the Trap

| May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Frontstreet (@Frontstree) is back with a slamming visual to his record “Really in the Trap”. This video furthermore solidifies Frontstreet as an artist with a grind that is consistent to say the least. is the first hip hop blog to feature the video on their site and we are sure that many other hip hop outlets will do the same. “Really in the Trap” shows Frontstreet in his element with his hood and family. There is not much you can say about this video because words will not do it justice, press play and take a trip into the trap with Frontstreet.
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[Video] Zaina Juliette – Hit Em Hard via @ZTraxxRecords

| May 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—The talented Zaina Juliette is back and better than ever with a brand new track of a classic remake first made popular by rocker Janis Joplin more than 45 years ago. Some might dare say Zaina’s new take on the familiar hit is actually better than the original.
“Honestly, I didn’t want to do any remakes, but the record label (Bungalo) thought it was a good idea to do something like that,” stated Zaina. “I think I had heard the song a couple of times. I really didn’t know the song, but I went home that night and I listened to it, and I recorded it actually a week later.”

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, music lovers can find Zaina often singing about love, peace and empowerment.
“I recently released a song called ‘Warrior.’ It talks about how all the girls need to stand up and run the world. Men have been ruling too long and look where we are,” stated Zaina. “If women ruled the world, I think we’d have more peace. There would be more harmony, and there wouldn’t be all this fighting.”
To learn more about Zaina, visit her website by clicking here. You can also find her on Facebook and

[Single] Issa (@IssaIam) – Makaveli

| May 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

Issa (@IssaIam) aka “The Young Veteran” is back with “Makaveli”, the follow-up to his hugely successful “Whips & Chains” video/single release. Rap is a genre that is very familiar with the alias “Makaveli”, thanks to the late and great, Tupac Shakur. Issa credits the late artist as one of his inspirations and has had some comparisons to the artist, in the capacity of wanting to change the rap game as we know it. This record serves as homage and as a reflection of what Issa truly intends to do. For those of you that have not yet realized, the ultimate goal is revolutionize the game and create awareness for political and social issues, while also releasing some fun records. Issa is not one to shy away from shocking fans by speaking on the touchy subjects. Issa is also an artist that can stand with activists on the front lines, as well as go to the streets and hang out with the fans. Having these versatile qualities are what caused Issa’s goal become an artist with a real message that will be leave his imprint on the music industry. “Makaveli” is produced by T Black TheHitmaker, whom has that unmistaken sound, which is slowly pushing Good Life Music Group to be one of the most sought after independent labels in the country, not only for the rappers, but for its in-house production team. Press Play, Listen, Download, and Support “Makaveli” and Issa.

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[Video] Tristan Dylan (@tristan_dylan) ft. CruxXx – Turn Me On

| May 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

MIAMI, FLORIDA—If you haven’t heard of Tristan Dylan, rest assure you will. The talented musician who hails from Miami is the latest Latin heartthrob to arrive on the dance scene with his latest single titled “Turn Me On.”
For his latest track, Tristan says the lyrics and the beat just randomly came to him while walking down the streets of Miami one day.
“It’s not a love song, but it’s definitely a happy song,” explained Tristan. “The song is about having fun, enjoying life with your friends. For the song’s music video, I wanted to showcase the nightlife of Miami. I think I accomplished that.”
Tristan moved to the United States from Cuba when he was just 15-years-old. His love for music followed with him.
“I spent 8 years on piano in Cuba. I read and write music,” stated Tristan. “My songs are positive. I don’t like to make music that’s complicated. I’m all about nice beats with great lyrics. Really, I’m just an artist who likes to have fun and show that life can be good—that’s what I want to showcase: happy, positive messages.”
When you listen and watch Tristan perform in his music videos—you’d think Pitbull and David Guetta had a hand in the big production of the music. However, it’s all Tristan. When he’s producing a track or music video, he goes all out.
“I’m the composer. I’m the producer. I’m the writer. I’m everything,” explained Tristan. “I do everything by myself. It’s hard to get into the music in Miami, but the harder you work the more you appreciate the success that stems from it.”
And so far, Tristan is headed in the right direction.

To learn more about Tristan, check him out on Facebook and Twitter. You can also watch his music videos on Vevo. You can also listen to Tristan on Reverbnation.

[Album] Goblins (@SenseiGOBLINS) – Humanz

| May 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA—When you listen to Brandon Seamster talk, you quickly forget he’s just a teen who recently graduated from high school. He’s wise beyond his years.
“I grew up in an area where alcohol and drugs were around me, and I tried to stay away from that. I was the type of person that kind of saw it all for what it was worth,” stated Seamster. “I tried to go in the opposite direction. Before you can change anybody’s life you must change yourself.”
And changing people’s lives is exactly what he is doing. He recently debuted his first major EP titled “HUMANZ” which has already received a lot of positive buzz from fans all over the country.
“The response has been crazy. There is a song on their called “Gang Prophecy Part.1” and this 14-year-old kid from Massachusetts called me and told me that my music was actually helping him get through a hard time in his life,” stated Seamster. “That made me feel good to know that somebody is actually getting something from this. It makes me feel like I’m doing my job and I need to continue to do that.”
Influenced by hip hop icons like Eminem, Nas, and Biggy Smalls, their style is sampled in Seamster’s latest EP which focuses on a lot of the big news stories making headlines today.
“Some of the topics I touch on include the Trayvon Martin incident. I touched on Ferguson,” stated Seamster. “As for the name of the EP, it comes from the fact that we’re all human. We all make mistakes. But now in this time, things are starting to happen where people almost follow into the footsteps of what other people do. The ‘z’ at the end is stands for ‘zombie.’ We are starting to become programmed to do what people are telling us to do.”

To learn more about this talented, new artist, check him out on Twitter and Instagram. You can also listen to him at

[Single] Money Scorseze (@MScorseZe) – The Gang

| May 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Who is Money Scorseze (@MScorseZe)
Life is complex, and oftentimes, it’s not just painted with black and white but with many shades of grey. This truth is reflected in my music. Like the late great Tupac Shakur, I find myself torn between two twins of myself. It’s the human condition; that’s what I write in my music. That is the honesty that I think is lacking in music right now. Putting unnecessary pressure on all of us to live lies lost in fantasy. We are all not one thing all of the time. We laugh we cry, we pray we get high. That is why I think my music resonates with my fans because like them, it shows that people are complex individuals, who are never as simple as a selfie. Allow me to introduce my world to your world.
I was born in Columbus, Ohio, Raised in the days of the golden age of Rap, as they call it. I caught the back-end of it but I was fortunate enough to catch the wave at that time. Rap music identified with me because it was loud and boisterous like I was. The competitive nature identified with mine. I like the word play of the rhymes, and schemes in the music. Complexities in music are what keep it interesting for me. I never took the music very serious because I was not planning on living that long honestly. Caught up in a destructive whirlwind, my own demons pushed me the wrong direction. Gangs, drugs, fights, guns, blades, you name it, that was my environment. Like every kid that grew up in a single parent home I lacked discipline and direction. Hopeless I thought it was pointless to make plans for a life I didn’t value. It would take me coming close to death for me to re-evaluate my decisions.
After being shot in the face I saw that my life must have value as I felt God had spared me. I felt like for once I was given a gift I hadn’t deserved. I had gotten a second chance to start a new. I went onto build on the family I had started young. I was determined to give to them what I didn’t have. A stable environment which to grow and become confidence in not only my abilities but in my very existence.
Time passes and family life was great… But I was still unfulfilled. I had tried to drown out the music that still played in my head. I wasn’t ungrateful at my second chance; it was more or less I was incomplete. I was still being drawn to create. After my father was murdered we relocated too Atlanta to start a new course. New place, new home, new opportunities. I did not financially need music, but I needed music. The music was therapy too me. It helped for me to tell the stories that I lived and the things that I witnessed.

[Video] OJilla The Trapper – Super Sexy

| May 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

Kenosha, Wisconsin- Local popular artist “OJilla The Trapper”, who already claimed local fame in the early 2000s releases new video “SUPER SEXY” in anticipation of releasing his upcoming mixtape “GET RICH OR DIE TRAPPIN’.” Which will be released to explode this summer’s music scene June 2015.

Born, raised and then relocated from Harvey, IL, an south suburb of Chicago, IL, he was early on crowned as the “Hometown Favorite” of the surrounding cities of Kenosha, Racine, and Northern Illinois suburbs since the early 2000s, OJilla has always been a house whole name with his unique soulful, realist sound of hip hop street music. After an 8 year hiatus of serving prison time, after only 10 months of being home, OJilla burst back like he never left with keeping up with the times bringing his own original flow on top of up beats tempos and memorable songs that appeal to many audiences. While being entirely dedicated to his own sound and following,  OJilla has reached out and collaborated, performed, and opened for many industry legends and big names such as TOO SHORT, Crucial Conflict, BG of the Cash Money Hot Boys, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Coo Coo Cal, DO or DIE, King Louie, OT Genesis just to name a few.

“OJilla The Trapper” has made nothing but solid hits and bangers to keep the traps pumping and the clubs jumping creating imagery with his lyrical stories of the streets. Being compared to Hip Hop powerhouses such as Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy for their street wise storytelling, OJilla is the new generation of bringing that old sound a facelift with staying relevant with the changes of music but standing alone with it comes to being an artist in his own lane. With the fans and streets eager to hear new music, along with the release of “Super Sexy,” OJilla has claimed popularity from videos of other songs that will appear on his upcoming mixtape such as “Talk That Yayo,” “Shame On You,” and soon to release the video to “James Harden.” THE TRAPPER has expressed that this mixtape will be his “Best work to date” and feels that he can only go harder than he has ever went before.

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