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Since he was a kid, Shook always loved music. Listening to music was his therapy. So naturally, he picked up the art form as a means of healing others. “As a rapper, I pass out prescriptions,” he says. “Sharing my story with the world is enough therapy for me and therapy for you because  I rap about what I live. I speak on real life experiences.”

Those real life experiences that Shook raps about got him caught on the wrong side of the law and landed him eight years in prison. But since touching down, he has been busy building on his rap career instead of his rap sheet. Today we present to you with “You Betta Know” featuring Chris Millz, produced by Chophouze Jay.

Deven J aka Devi Franco feat Jay Deuce – Dark Skies

Black Roses/Purple Angels Coming Soon

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FOR INQUIRIES CONTACT 323-906-7469 or info@showoffthemag.com


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[Mixtape] Parachute Porter & Harajuku Krys
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Paper Trail ent’s own 550, releases his new track Cash Money. This track features Coalition Djs first lady, Miss Atown. From hosting, to promoting, to now being featured in tracks, Miss Atown is on the rise. Download and support the track today.

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Street Watch Radio presents Qu Da Queen Private Listening Session this Wednesday. Listening session will be hosted by the one and only Montana White from 7-10pm est.
Rsvp by contacting: @TiaCulver 770.896.5685 or@JoeLewis12 678.510.8280

(of a person) disorganized and lacking in concentration.


Check out more music at soundcloud.com/jay-walk-92
& follow on Twitter: @jayXwalk

Jes$ - Scatterbrained

Jes$ – Scatterbrained

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Mr. Quiji, born Marques Parks, is originally from the now infamous west side of Atlanta, Georgia. The Simpson Road native began dominating local area talent shows and quickly worked his way up the ladder of the highly competitive, underground Atlanta rap scene. In gaining recognition and notoriety, Quiji was sought after by several up and coming groups thus allowing him to further expand his reach throughout the southeast, ranging from the Carolinas to Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee and so on. Through hard work and dedication, coupled with a steadily increasing popularity and rising demand for his brand of music, Quiji began headlining shows all around Atlanta. Having won a variety of awards, as well as every showcase he has either entered or been invited to, Mr. Quiji is a natural born live performer.

Connect w/Quiji

IG: instagram.com/quesdreads

Twitter: twitter.com/QuijiReal

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YT Triz has been tearing up stages all over Florida and beyond. He is right on his way to being the next hot hip-hop sensation to come out of Poe Boy Music Group in Miami. Breezy Says had the opportunity to talk shop with YT on his various successes and what we can look forward to from this young and rising star. Check out the artist spotlight and keep an eye out for YT Triz.

1) Tell us who is YT?

YT: I’m a young and hungry nigga out of Central Florida just trying to do something right with my life and I happen to be good at writing and telling real stories. I’m trying to leave my legacy in the music industry.

2) Many people might think you’re just getting started, let us know exactly how this movement came to happen?

YT: I started rapping for fun when I was 10; I’m 22 now, rapping in a different place for different reasons.

3) How did you catch Hip Hop Boss, Big Chuck’s attention?

YT: I met Big Chuck at Poe Boy’s studio in early 2013; I performed for him live, no mic or nothing. I ain’t know at the time, but he saw something in me and I got that phone call from Poe Boy later that year saying “Come down and get in the studio.”

4) Who was your inspiration?

YT: My mom has always been my inspiration, she always had a lot of faith and belief in God, she let me know that anything is possible through Him. I took that trait and a dream, and ran with it.

5) Besides recording and performing do you do any other things within the music industry?

YT: I’m taking one step at a time, so for now, nothing. Just recording, performing, and learning.

6) Lil Buddy is one of my favorite YT tracks, what is your favorite and why?

YT: I don’t have a favorite, but I like “Bad Vibes” and “IDGAF” a lot because they were real stories that I shared with you and people feel me.

7) What are you currently working on and when should we expect to see/hear it?

YT: I’m currently working on a legendary mixtape with Bigga Rankin, to be released Memorial Day 2014.

8) What makes YT stand out among so many other artists trying to make it from INDIE to MAJOR?

YT: What makes me different is that I’m telling my real life stories and giving the people these real life situations that they might be able to identify with versus just rapping about fashion, cars, and money all the time.

9) Do you have any tours/shows coming up?

YT: I just came off of “The Juice Tour”; we took over various high schools throughout central Florida. I’m about to hit the road with Bigga Rankin next.

10) Where do you think YT will be 5 years from now?

YT: 5 years from now I’ll be a well-established and well paid artist dominating the music industry for sure. Plus everything that come with that.

11) Are you exactly where you thought you’d be at this point in your career?

YT: I never thought I’d make it anywhere with this music, so I would have to answer NO…I’m further than I ever expected.

12) Any Shoutouts?

YT: Shoutout my Poe Boy family, my big dawg E-Class and Big Chuck. Shoutout to my YTM Family, coming soon and my mama for supporting me from day 1.

13) What will YT be remembered for?

YT: YT will be remembered for speaking up, representing, and telling the stories of the “Have Nots” straight up.

14) Please give us your social network info, booking info, and drops/interview requests email.

YT: @YTTriz on Instagram, @YTriz on Twitter and PoeBoy305@gmail.com for bookings.

As you can see this young man is focused and ready to conquer the road ahead. Visit his official website at www.YtTriz.net and listen to my favorite track, “Lil Buddy” . This is @IamBreezySays and I’m out.


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