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Spotlight on Jay Stubbs (@Hamseason)

CORONOA, CA – The best things in life are sometimes unexpected. A song that starts off as something fun for the summer can take off and become a hit, given the right circumstances.

That’s what Jay Stubbs has found with his new single, “This S**t is Lit.” The rapidly rising musician from Southern California is a free-spirited, fun-loving individual who injects his music with humor and good vibes. As with most of his songs, the new single started with a beat that he knew almost instantly he loved. He started writing lyrics to it with the thought that it would be a fun song to share with friends.

“I kind of created it by accident, but it took off,” he said. “It’s crazy how things travel. The song is a have fun, party-it-up kind of song that makes you want to dance. But the term ‘lit’ – which means dope or cool or the bomb – has become really trendy lately. Everybody is saying it now. So when this song was made it was kind of like a perfect storm because it came out right in the middle of that trend. Plus it’s summertime, and everybody just wants to have fun, and this song is made for that. Since it came out, I’ve had quite a few venues call me up and ask me to perform at events or at college universities. It’s been really cool. But, you know, the best things in life are sometimes unexpected.”

That unexpected fame isn’t something new to Stubbs. While in college, he and his best friend decided to start making parody music videos just for the fun of it. Their first parody video was of the song “American Boy,” and it became an overnight viral sensation. From that one video they began getting calls from campus radio stations all over the world about picking up the song for their regular rotation. They followed that up with a second parody for the song “Paper Planes,” which also took off. The rest of their college career was then filled with parody videos that made them minor celebrities on campus and sought-after musicians on YouTube.

After graduation, Stubbs has dedicated his life to pursing a music career. Though he’s not ashamed of the limited celebrity he enjoyed through his parody videos, he wants to pursue a more serious music career. His first single, “Young Souls,” hit YouTube earlier this year and has seen good success. The same university radio stations who called him earlier in his career have come calling again. And now he wants to show the world his diversity with his second single and a mix tape scheduled to be released later this year.

“After college I spent a lot of time finding myself,” he said. “I explored a lot of different genres – from pop to hip-hop to alternative rock. At the end of the day I decided that I’m the kind of musician who does a little bit of everything. So my mixtape is going to be everything. That’s me being me. Musically I embody every genre. And there’s nothing wrong with being me. That’s what I want people to get when they hear my music – that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. The realest thing you can do in life is to be yourself.”

“This S**t is Lit” is available for download on digital media sites such as iTunes and Soundcloud. He has also released a new mixtape entitled “Who is Jay Stubbs,” which is also spotlighted on his Soundcloud page. Those wishing to see Stubbs live, or who want to know about upcoming music releases, can follow him on social media on Facebook, or on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat under the handle @Hamseason.


Spotlight on Lucid (@hasten21)

WINFIELD, AL – Growing up in a small southern town like Winfield, AL, there’s not a lot of musical diversity beyond country music. For someone like Hasten Langston, who loves hip-hop and rap, the work to establish himself as a legitimate hip-hop artist is a daily struggle. But his talents are such that he’s grown a loyal fan-base throughout the region, and he’s ready to take his music to a bigger stage.

“My parents both grew up very southern, and everybody here in my town is very much into country,” Langston said. “But I’ll be driving down the road blasting Kanye or something. I love all music, but I think hip-hop takes it from music to a lifestyle. I’ve always had talent with lyrics and I could always freestyle, but when I first started pursuing hip-hop as a career I didn’t have any real experience. It started off slow, but I worked extremely hard to put everything together. There aren’t many teachers or rappers in the area, so I just had to listen to the greats and study what they did. I even had to learn the equipment that goes with it. But mostly I would listen to WuTang or Dre – a lot of the old school artists – and just tried to put a lot of what they did into my music.

Now, at age 18, Langston – who now goes by the rapper name Lucid, in honor of the dreams he feels like are beginning to become a reality – is ready to release his first Mixtape, entitled “Lucid Dreams the EP.” He’s already performed a couple of singles from the mixtape life at the Legend’s Sports Lounge in Birmingham, AL, which some pretty positive response. His sound – which includes a bit of a southern drawl in the midst of his rap – is so unique that it’s drawing an ever-growing fan-base.

To honor that fan-base, Lucid said he wants to make music that will inspire others during all times of their lives, but especially during the hardest times. He said a lot of his lyrics come from personal experiences and some of the toughest heartbreaks he’s encountered have made their way into song in ways that he hopes others will hear and be able to relate with.

“I want to be able to have a way to get my message and positive vibes out to people,” he said. “If there’s somebody having a bad day and one of my songs can reach them, that’s more important than any money I could make off a single. I know what it’s like to go through bad times. I recently went through a tough break-up and was feeling pretty depressed. I was a terribly sad person to be around, and I didn’t have a reason to want to do anything anymore. But it was a song by Logic that helped me out of that – a song that made me realize he’d been through some of the same things that were happening to me. I want my music to do the same thing for others.”

Those wishing to get a taste of Lucid’s music can see him perform live Aug. 3 at Saturn Birmingham in Birmingham, AL. He also performs every Monday at Legends Sports Lounge in Birmingham. He also has music available for download on Soundcloud, or fans can follow him on social media on Instagram and Twitter.


Spotlight on Veeh Lil’Monsterpull (@VLilMonsterpull)

BARTOW, FL – In the deep south parts of Florida, there’s a term frequently used among those in hip-hop circles. That term is “Monyon.” It’s slang for money, but it’s also the name of the new single from up-and-coming hip-hop artist Veeh Lil’Monsterpull.

Monyon means money down here in our lingo,” Veeh said. “And this song is about getting money and what people do in all kinds of ways to get money. Some people rob, some people sell drugs, and some women have sex with dudes. It’s a song that’ll make you laugh in some ways, but it’s also serious.”

The single – which is available for download on all digital media download sites, such as iTunes – is the first off a new EP due to be released Aug. 26 called “Before I S.T.U.N.T.” Veeh said the song was written by an artist he frequently collaborates with called Trey, and Veeh is featured as a rapper on the single. The EP is the first for Veeh, and features music that he says will show the hip-hop world a unique new sound.

“No one sounds like me,” he said. “I’m very different. When you hear me and how I sound – and even how I dress and my whole image – you wouldn’t picture a normal person rapping or dressing like that. But my style and my music matches me. No one can sound or flow like me. It’s something I’ve gotten good at with lots and lots of practice. And though I never tried to sound like no one else, there are people who I look up to in the industry – like Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne and Jay Z – because they’ve always sounded different. When you hear them, you just picture them and not anyone else, and that’s what I want my music to be.”

Veeh said he hopes that when people hear his music they not only get a good feeling and have a good time, but also gain some knowledge and gain some respect for him as a hip-hop artist. He said a lot of rappers today just spew whatever comes to their mind in the moment and don’t necessarily give much thought to their lyrics. But his songs, he said, have a specific flow and a unique perspective that combines with the popular party song vibe.

The EP that will come out in August is his best example of that style. He said its an album that will allow people to party and have fun, but it’s also mature in a way that he hopes will prove that he’s ready to become a serious threat in the hip-hop industry.

“I called it ‘Before I S.T.U.N.T. because I’m Sometimes Turned Up and Never Turned Down,” Veeh said. “This album is very hot, and it’ll be mostly for club bangers. There have been a couple of songs already from it that are getting played in clubs down here. People kept saying that I’d never put out an EP, but I finally did. That’s the most exciting part to me, and I’m even more excited to hear what people think when it comes out next month.”

A music video for the single “Monyon” can be found on YouTube, and those who follow Veeh on social media can find out more about upcoming live shows or new music releases. He’s active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and can be followed on Snapchat @VLilMonsterpull.


Spotlight on Val Johnson (@IAmValJohnson)

BROOKLYN, NY – During a hot summer day, Val Johnson was sitting in his room in Brooklyn, NY, looking through his catalog of songs searching for inspiration for a new song. The hip-hop artist with a flair for traditional R&B looked at himself in the mirror and in a tongue-in-cheek comment said, “Man … I’m handsome.”

Thus was born Johnson’s newest single, “I’m Handsome (Remastered).” It’s not a song about another conceited rapper. It’s a song that uses the word “handsome” as a metaphor for success.  

“To me, handsome means having a nice demeanor, being sophisticated, optimistic, manly and extraordinary,” Johnson said. “I think I’m handsome economically, physically, spiritually – in lots of different ways. The song is about me being handsome – being confident in myself and not letting other people bring me down. And it’s also about having fun and hoping all the girls will come to me because I’m good looking.”

The song – which has a music video on YouTube – has already inspired a “Handsome Dance” that is sweeping across the nation. Johnson said he loves that he’s inspiring others through his music because he’s almost always inspired by people – especially girls – when he writes music. He tells the story of a recent encounter with a beautiful woman at a café in Manhattan as an example of how inspiration can strike at any time.

“I saw this girl with an afro and she was looking real nice,” he said. “I thought she was beautiful. And immediately in my head I started writing a song called ‘Shawty With An Afro.’ I came up with the beat and the chorus on the spot, and walked outside and recorded it on the phone. I feel like I have a special gift for coming up with beats and melodies in my head. If I have a lyric, I can come up with a beat in my head and write it or record it on my phone right away.”

Johnson said his sound is unique – self-described as R&B with a hip-hop sound. He said he feels strongly about representing traditional R&B because many of the artists out there today who call themselves R&B artists have, in his opinion, moved away from what truly makes R&B great.

“I feel like I have my own style, and yet I have the traditional R&B style,” he said. “I’m very melodic. Some people might hear it and think I sound like Ne-Yo or Usher. Ultimately I want people to feel inspired and loved. I feel like that’s missing nowadays, especially in R&B. Love is missing. All you hear is sex and drugs and that kind of stuff. I want to bring the love back.”

Johnson’s single, “I’m Handsome (Remastered),” is currently available for download on all digital media download sites. It will also feature on an EP that he plans to release later this year. He’s also made a music video for the song, which can be seen on YouTube.

For more information about upcoming live shows, or to hear more of Johnson’s music, visit his website at, or follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @IAmValJohnson.


Spotlight on B. Smoke (@bsmokedre)

VICTORIA, TX – A few weeks after being released from jail, B. Smoke found himself homeless and at rock bottom in his life. He was ready to give it up.

But as he looked up at the city around him and truly took a deep look at the beauty of life, he found a moment of hope. That moment developed into desire that has turned into a lifetime of chasing his dreams of becoming a famous hip-hop artist.

His most recent album – entitled “City View” – is homage to that moment and the journey he’s taken from rock bottom to the success he sees today as an up-and-coming musician. His city view today is a different one – quite literally. In fact, he describes a recent city view from a Hilton Hotel in Houston as the moment when he realized just how far he’d come.

“I came from being homeless and out of jail with nowhere to go to sitting in this executive suite,” he said. “As I sat there looking throughout downtown, it just mesmerized me. I was in such a different place. It was an out-of-body experience, and it was the first time I’d ever felt that. It meant so much to me in a lot of different ways, but mostly it was like, ‘Wow! I’m here.’ I’ve come a long way, and people who listen to my music can hopefully be inspired and know that they can make it, too. Nothing is impossible.”

The title track on the album is also called “City View” and speaks to that journey, as does the second single “Rock Bottom,” which details his time on the streets and talks about his success today.

A third single – entitled “Away From Me” and featuring Tito Speedo – explores the need to push negativity away from you when you’re trying to better yourself. He said he had to learn the hard way that people who bring negativity into his life are a lot of times the inspiration for his bad decisions.

“When you’re trying to be the best you can be, you don’t need to be surrounded by people who are bringing you down or distracting you,” he said. “As a hip-hop artist I want to articulate in my music so that you can see some kind of illusion in your mind of what I’m spitting at. I want people to get that feeling of life – that feeling of understanding what’s going on. I want people to know that they’re not the only person going through whatever it is they’re going through. Just because you see somebody like me who has success doesn’t mean we don’t have hard times, and I want my fans to understand that I’m a person who understands the hardships of life and what it takes to overcome them. That’s what my music is all about.”

He said the inspiration for his music most often comes from real-life events. His name B. Smoke comes from a combination of his first name (Bryant) and the fact that he likes to smoke.

“Smoking is kind of my thing,” he said. “The ‘Smoke’ in my name just comes from that description. I like to get blazed and write some music and make it happen.”

His new album will drop on all digital media downloading sites on Aug. 9. The singles are already available for download. Those wishing to listen to his music or find out more about his production company can visit, or follow him on social media on Twitter @bsmokedre or Diamond Rich Entertainment on Facebook.


Spotlight on Bad Girl Good Tea

New York, NY Tea is far more than just a beverage. For centuries, tea has been a lifestyle. It inspires conversation, elicits comfort, and encourages the drinker to sit back, relax, and relish the moment (all too foreign a concept in the hectic year of 2016). Bad Girl Good Tea is a movement sweeping New York, encouraging ladies (and gentlemen) to add tea to their beauty and wellness regiment.

Samantha Colarusso has had a longtime love affair with tea, and a deep appreciation for its healing, comforting, and calming attributes. Colarusso is an unlikely tea connoisseur. Working for many years in the nightlife industry, the brand’s founder enjoyed tea as a hobby, but always felt that it could become a way of life and business endeavor. Always up for an adventure, the young entrepreneur took a leap of faith and started She packed up the Bad Girl Good Tea operation and attended the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, where her booth remained busy for the entirety of the 2 day event, onlookers impressed and surprised by the company’s unique blends and branding concept. The brand has found its niche by “riding the feminine wave,” explains Colarusso. Bad Girl Good Tea changes the way women connect; giving them a healthy alternative to coffee or cocktails to discuss the latest Ryan Gosling movie or newest makeup palette. The company’s mission is to make a product that women can commune over in a positive and inspiring way.

This isn’t your Nana’s tea company (No offense, Grandma). Bad Girl Good Tea is a sexy take on a classic beverage, a drink that a Kardashian generation can enjoy with branding and packaging that suits a glamorous lifestyle. Colarusso has worked diligently to fuse herbs and flavors that inspire positivity. A fan favorite, the Sleeping Beauty Blend is a mixture of lavender, vanilla, and chamomile that fills the stomach and relaxes. Caffeine free, the tea is a healthy way to ease the drinker to a sound, refreshing sleep.

Bad Girl Good Tea’s mission is simple: It’s a choice all glamorous girls can feel good about, and it offers wellness and beauty benefits that prove beneficial to the health-conscious fashionista. But, Colarusso notes, the brand doesn’t strive to make any “one-size-cures-all” claims like popular detox teas on the market. In fact, the tea expert explains that using tea as a quick fix to shed pounds and “detox” is, in reality, an unhealthy choice. “It’s actually very dangerous to detox with tea,” admits Colarusso, “Nothing is going to make you healthy except making good choices for your body, and tea is a part of that healthy lifestyle.”

Despite the brand’s “bad girl” name and inspiration, part of Samantha Colarusso’s endeavor is to empower and enlighten women. Essentially, it’s the philosophy that you can be a “bad bitch” and still be kind. Drawing from personal experiences as a young woman, the young entrepreneur is determined to use tea for good, ultimately finding ways to give back to anti-bullying campaigns and encouraging healthy relationships between girls and women alike.

Follow along on Instagram.


Spotlight on Valley Boi Muzik (@Nawledge7Peter)

Valley Boi Muzik is a entertainment company based up out of Youngstown, Ohio (The Middle East but known as the Midwest)… Founded in 2008 by Peter Solo, aka Peter Shyce aka Peter Pipez! From rap, r&b to reggaeton Peter Solo has worked with many artist, many forms of music. The rode hasn’t been the easiest losing 2 artist (family), 1 to a gun shot and another in a car accident. In 2014 rebuilding from the ground up Valley Boi Muzik has reemerged as a future powerhouse., and is steadily gaining notoriety despite the odds stacked against them, coming from a small market infested with crime. “3rd Eye Wide” a compilation due out late November is expected to place this well oiled machine amongst the Indie Labels elite. Look out for the lead single “Hometown” feat Soljahcoon Skoop, O.Z. and JG McCoy produced by Kid Flash and follow up single “Ohio Playaz” feat Soljahcoon Skoop, SK and JG McCoy produced by J Al Productions one of the hottest producers in Ohio. This company is built to last and has a bright future.

Connect w/ Valley Boi Muzik

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Spotlight on Young Tameeka (@YoungTameeka)

EAST WINDSOR, NJ – Recent current events throughout the U.S. involving alleged police brutality, violence against officials and racial tensions are all symptoms of a larger issue for today’s younger generation, according to up-and-coming hip-hop artist Young Tameeka.
And her new mixtape, “A World With No Direction,” is her attempt to help young people understand what it takes to affect positive change without violence in a culture that seems eager to turn to violence as its only recourse for justice.
“I don’t like the way this new generation is going right now,” Young Tameeka said. “They’re misguided on a lot of things. It’s sad. They need to be more educated on what’s going on in the world and they’re just not. They’re like the walking dead, basically. I’m trying to reach out to these younger generations with my music about what’s going on in the world. How they’re dealing with things is not right. The killing and fighting is not right. That’s not the answer.”
Two singles off of the new mixtape speak directly to that sentimentality. With the song “Battles,” Young Tameeka talks about the struggle of all people who have issues with corrupt police officers. In the song she lauds the efforts of respectable police officers who do their job justly, and criticizes civil rights leaders who she claims aren’t standing up the way they should be.
With the song “Spread Your Wings,” she uses a message of hope to help young people believe that they can make a different.
“There’s a lyric that says, ‘I’m in the city of dreams with people,’” Young Tameeka said. “Basically that means don’t get down about yourself, but reach for the sky. You’re on the same platform as me and we can make a different together. I want people who hear my music to get that message. I want them to think – to stop doing the negative things that they’re doing out there. There are other way to deal with thing than violence. Use your head.”
Young Tameeka collaborated on the Mixtape with producer The Sounds of the One Armed Bandit, Kelvin Knight Productions. She’s been working with that producer for awhile, and has been making music since she was 8 years old. She also collaborated with Robert T. Hodge Jr., and artists Stalin the Inner City Rebel, Vin and Merty Shango. She credits Minister from Astoria Queens – who was in the group 10 Below during the 1990s – as the person who helped her understand the music industry.
Her mixtape is scheduled to be released in September. In the meantime, she’s also busy running her own record label and launching a new clothing line. The record label – Kimsha Records Inc. – has just signed its first artist and will be releasing a mixtape from him in September. JP Smooth is a 16-year-old hip-hop artist who has a flow that Young Tameeka describes as a laid back type of flow. More information about JP Smooth and Young Tameeka’s music can be found online at
Young Tameeka has also recently released a new clothing line under the label Kimsha Wear. She named both the record label and the clothing line combining letters from her name and her sons name to form Kimsha. The clothing line is something she describes as “Urban,” and will feature a full like of hats and T-shirts.
To hear more of Young Tameeka’s music, visit Reverb Nation, and to find out about upcoming live performances and release dates for singles and the new mixtape, follow her on Twitter @YoungTameeka.
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Spotlight on Stone Paxton (@stonepaxton)

LAS VEGAS, NV – When it comes to love, Stone Paxton believes in one tried and true formula: Life + Music = Love.
That’s the name of his new album, but it’s also his life philosophy and a message that he’s trying to get across to younger generations who are trying to deal with an increasingly violent and turbulent society.
“Beyond politics, music has always been able to shield,” Paxton said. “It doesn’t force you to feel a certain way. A good melody is heavenly. In fact, music is on a frequency that’s close to Christ because it’s a gift to us. Life + Music = Love … that’s truly how I feel, and that’s how people feel about music. Good music reminds them of love, it reminds them of old relationships or current relationships or relationships with family members. Good music should bring happiness and joy and love and strong, active relationships. Some of today’s records talk about “beating it up” – going straight to the bedroom. There’s no more honor in romance, but I hope with this album and with my music I can help to change the conversation back to a day when chivalry in relationships meant something.”
The first single off the album – “No Other Eyes/No Other Love” – speaks directly to that mission. It’s a classic R&B song with a sound that Paxton describes as “old school meets new school.” The song calls out guys who want nothing more than one-night stands or multiple relationships, and encourages them to put more into monogamous relationships by being romantic and honorable in how they treat women.
“For tons of guys it’s normal to have multiple relationships,” Paxton said. “I wanted to get back to the romance and the morality of it all through my music. I wanted to give people a song that when they listen to it, they were a little more hopeful for the relationship they’re in. This song says that you’re the only one – your eyes are the only ones I want to look into and yours is the only soul that I want to be a part of. When I listen to the radio nowadays, I don’t hear a lot of songs that move me. We have to get back in touch with love, and this is my way of helping us do that.”
Paxton is no stranger to the music industry. For more than two decades he has been making music professionally – working with artists such as Birtney Spears, Brandy, Cee-Lo, Jordan Knight and Janet Jackson. He’s currently producing an album for Marva King – a protégé of the late Prince. In 2012 Paxton produced and co-wrote a song with King that made the Billboard Top 100 in the U.S. and Top 20 in the U.K.
Paxton’s new single “No Other Eyes/No Other Love” is currently available for download on all digital media sites. He’ll be starting a promotional tour this fall, and has a benefit concert for military veterans planned for Sept. 15. Those wishing to find out more about upcoming live shows or new music releases can follow him on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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