Spotlight on MARTYRMAN (@martyrman1)

Spotlight on MARTYRMAN (@martyrman1)

The Voice of the People

A life-story to change the world.
The Awakening of Hip-Hop


An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

Martyrman was born in New Orleans, LA on July 23. He started rapping at the age of 10. After moving to Baton Rouge, LA he recorded his first single at the age of 16. At 20 years old Martyrman signed his first record deal with a local label. Even though the project never reached the masses, his clever yet thought-provoking lyrics began to earn him notoriaty.

After a few years of honing his skills, Martyrman returned to the scene in 2014 with his highly anticipated album ” STRANDED”. The album was met with critical acclaim with over 1 million youtube views and changed the way Southern Hip Hop is viewed.

2016 promises to be even greater with his acting debut besides Oscar winning Matthew McConoughay, Mahershala Ali and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in “Free State of Jones” set to be released worldwide on June 24th.

His new album will also be dropping this summer entitled, “The Revolt”.  It can only be described as no holds barred.  Martyrman has left it all on wax this time delving into America’s current racial tensions, oppression, destruction of hip hop and the hope of black progression as a whole.  He is giving us life and love while leaving us thinking of ways to revolt against the system that is determined to keep us down.

As a man, actor, rapper and artist, Martyrman is a breath of fresh air.  He’s original in flow and creative with his concepts! He is the AWAKENING OF HIP HOP.  He’s what we’ve been missing in current music, waiting and yearning for.

Look for the video for the first single “Shots” on June 3, 2016.


[Single] Duckie MrPoetry and Tebby – Black Love (@tebbysworld @therealjay242 @BahamasE242)

[Single] Duckie MrPoetry and Tebby – Black Love (@tebbysworld @therealjay242 @BahamasE242)

This track features two powerful artists, Duckie MrPoetry and Tebby, who are both evolving and taking their individual sounds from the Bahamas to the world. This particular song aims to strengthen and uplift people of color in a time where injustice reigns supreme. It acts as a catalyst of hope and as a reminder that we should believe, love, and celebrate ourselves and our culture.

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[Single] Laelo (@laelo202) – Ride with a Stoner

[Single] Laelo (@laelo202) – Ride with a Stoner

WASHINGTON, D.C. – When it comes to making music, there’s one simple rule for Laelo: whatever happens in life gets turned into a song.

“I live it, and I write it down,” Laelo said. “Every lyric I write is directly inspired by my everyday life or the life of my friends and family. I rap about what I do – something I was doing or going through yesterday. I stick to telling honest stories, and I smoke weed everyday so most of my music and sound is influenced by it.

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The most recent example of that comes in the form of Laelo’s new single, “Ride with a Stoner” – a song in which Laelo explains why women prefer to ride with connoisseurs of the marijuana culture.

After 10 years of making music professionally – with six albums, hundreds of live performances, and multiple industry collaborations under his belt – Laelo said this new single is just one example of who he is as an artist. Being well rounded and versatile is a trait he takes pride in. But he also knows who his core fans are and what they want and plans to keep supplying them with exactly that.

“There’s really nothing too complicated about it,” he said. “It’s a vibe track about beautiful women who prefer to roll with stoners. It’s definitely a record that will do well with stoner nation – and my brand, the High Definition Society, has been making songs that cater to the ‘marijuana’ culture for years. I call them lifestyle records, for people who live that lifestyle. Most 

people in the culture love my music because it’s the kind of music you can listen to in multiple environments – in the car, at your house, in a club … any scenario. That’s why my fans follow me, and this new joint is no different.

In 2015 he released his fifth studio album entitled “Deeper Than Plenty, Higher Than Most with Maryland based producer Hec Dolo. Laelo strayed away from his normal synthesized and bass heavy sound and went for a more throwback boom-bap feel – once again showing his versatility as an artist. The video for the first single “City Life” – which featured Grammy nominated soul singer Carolyn Malachi – was featured on both and The second single “One Time 4 Hip-hop” reached No. 1 on two separate college radio charts, and was also played by DJs such as Premiere and Statik Seletak on their respective Sirius XM shows. The release party was held at the legendary ALIFE Rivington Club in New York City.

And now this year he’ll be releasing his sixth studio album “Grateful For Today.” The album is set to be released Sept. 23, but the first single “Ride With a Stoner” is already available and can be purchased online everywhere music is sold. Those wishing to sample the single can do so on Laelo’s Soundcloud page, or by visiting The official music video directed by Supa Coop is also viewable right now on Laelo’s Vevo channel. Also, fans can follow him on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to find out where he’ll have live performances.

Spotlight on Amar Mohan (@Amarmc_Music)

Spotlight on Amar Mohan (@Amarmc_Music)

ABU DHABI – Everybody is special in this world and nobody should ever feel left out.

That’s the message behind the music of new artist Amar Mohan – a young 22-year-old up-and-coming artist who hails from the far reaches of Abu Dhabi.

Since the age of 14, when he first became serious about music, Mohan’s mission has been to help put a smile on others’ faces as they listen to his music.

“All I ever wanted to do my whole life was just to sing and entertain people,” he said. “My dream is to get signed into a record label so I can improve and make better music and I can bring my creativity into writing better songs with more help from people in the industry.”

Self-described as a classical R&B and pop artist, Mohan said much of his musical influence comes from other artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Jason Derulo. He said their dedication to the work necessary to make it as an international superstar is inspiring and something that he hopes to model his own career after.

“They have all worked so hard to come up, even after facing so much hardship,” Mohan said. “They still keep believing that they can reach the top, no matter what. They have always taught me to never stop what I’m doing – to keep working until you succeed.”

The first step toward making his dreams come true and following in the footsteps of his idols comes in the form of his new single, “When It’s You and I.” The song is about making people understand the importance of calling a loved one when in need and trying to make them understand the special feeling you get when you know you’re really special to them.

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It’s about a guy who is waiting for his loved one to message him back,” Mohan said. “He believes in her love and he knows that love is so powerful that it can change the world. It’s just like saying one call from your loved one can just brighten up your whole day – and what makes it even better is knowing that a message is coming, and all of the excitement and happiness that comes from that anticipation. It’s a feeling that’s irreplaceable. I was really inspired to write this song because when I sing this song to people I want them to feel like I’m singing for them. I want everyone listening to this song to feel special.

“I want to write songs about the deepest feelings that I have gone through in life,” he said. “Writing songs always helps me to understand that things always happen for a reason and I want to make people understand the value of feelings that we go through in life. Music can help people understand the meaning of life and what it can do to change the world and make it a better place.”

To sample the new single, visit Mohan’s Soundcloud page. Mohan also plays guitar on many of his tracks, and fans can see his musical abilities on his YouTube page. Fans can also follow him on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out more about his music and stay up to date about upcoming live shows.

[Video] SippiRed (@sippired) – Problems

[Video] SippiRed (@sippired) – Problems

“Problems” official Video Off of my CD titled ‘No Regrets’ Available for purchase by clicking the link attached…
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Rapper Ice Cold Jay (@icecoldjay) releases a song that makes you want to get “Drunk And Rich”

Rapper Ice Cold Jay (@icecoldjay) releases a song that makes you want to get “Drunk And Rich”

Ice Cold Jay is known for making hit songs, but with the release of his new single & video, “Drunk And Rich” you can’t help but want to party, drink and turn up.
The inspiration for the song came about after Ice Cold Jay got some very exciting news about his liquor, Maehsgin.
“I’m really excited about the feature of Maehsgin. We are now in a position to distribute our own alcoholic beverage to any market in the world. Everything takes time of course but being an artist with multiple hustles is exciting!” says Ice Cold Jay. The single is quite self explanatory. If you are a hard worker but like to play hard and party hard, this is the single for you. With lyrics like, “If I empty out my pockets, pussy fall out on the floor”, you know those are lyrics for the average drunk and rich person, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

The single has been heard on stations all over the map, in markets including Manhattan, Atlanta and many others.
You can hear the song “Drunk And Rich” on Spotify and also purchase it as well on iTunes
Stay updated on all things Ice Cold Jay by visiting his website
You can also follow him on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

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