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Mixtape Mailbox Episode 3

| November 30, 2009
Music Money Mixtapes gettin at you on the follow. Follow me for more promo. Shout out to all those involved in tonights podcast,
Shotgun Shellz with They Call Me Shotgun,
Chubb_Rock and Wordsmith with Back In,
DJ Darkfada,
Arsiney with Radar,
Da One with Corporate-Thug reppin South Carolina,
Uriah Blaak with Dem Nuh Like me reppin Orlando Florida,
Duane Smith with wut da real be part 2 from southeast texas
Ed E Ruger with Smoke Some Weed
GET IT ON THE DAILY with Kam Kutta feat B,
HotGz -with the TRANSFORM YOU Remix,
Kid Hustle – feat_akon- “one__remix”___produced_by_the_inkredibles,
mean_muggin by charlie clips produced by sev da producer, what up sev?
Dz Feat. J-Prince in Money,
Nate Hardy with Im a Monster,
NewDay in Cant Afford Everything,
Pol-B & Don Cannon with Campaign Season,
Red Bull – in Im Str8 reppin Tampa Bay,
Senica The Misfit in True hittin us from Maryland,
Slick-C_ with As_The_World_Turns_-_GRIND_OR_DIE_THE_MIXTAPE_DROPPING_01-01- 2010,
Spree 200 -Come Wit It 2,
Trelle She A Dog Produced by LedGend,
Young Scollah with Infatuation the (Dekk Remix).
With that, I’d like to say remember who your fam is, where you came from,
who your reppin, what the deal is, and remember DJ Bankrupt for laying it
down for you, accomplishing in 6 months on twitter what’s taken other DJs
years to do. I welcome everyone to get involved with collabin, and gabbin.
This is DJ Bankrupt from Music Money Mixtapes. Goodnight.

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