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Bonus Slot Machine

Bonus Slots are hugely exciting, keeping players on the edge of their seats with bonus features and free spins. Each bonus slot varies features such as multipliers, free spins and jackpots available. Bonus Slots are all about fun, elaborate themes, and innovative bonus levels make them hugely enticing to the slot fan.

Five Reel Bonus Video Slots
Five reel video slot machines often have unique bonus levels which require you to take action such as picking a box or spinning a wheel. Pick correctly or spin accurately and you’ll win large cash prizes. Free spins can be won during the basic game and you can re-trigger spins during the free spins. Prizes can be doubled or even tripled during these bonus spins.

Whether you’re a slot enthusiast or new to online slot machines, bonus slots appeal to all. They elevate the standard slot into an exciting and interactive game with an added bonus that, while you’re enjoying the game, you can win lots of money too. You can play the recommended slot games at many online casinos, all of whom offer generous sign up bonuses. You really have nothing to lose!

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@ViRalVictorY Brings > Boyz Bussin – Please To Meet You to Music Money Mixtapes

Hailing from Spring Hill Florida the doods of Boyz Bussin are releasing the virus, a feverish blend of rap and hip hop styles. With real raw and fantastical lyrics this mixtape takes you on a journey into the mind of the streets oppression, and vindication. The boyz come out on top with this concoction, I know you will appreciate the work they did to put this together. This is one you want to drink to, you’ll need to pull out a good bottle for this sometimes it’s “hardness” is a tough swallow at other moments the “softness” is sweetly hypnotic like your favorite scotch. So sit back and enjoy the pleasure of this collection of hypnotic hip hop. Watch for the bonus track from That Crack by Lyrikill. Now that I’ve got your attention, cop this release and consider yourself infected with the Boyz Bussin, and we’re pleased to meet you!

Visitor Listener Stats on MMM RADIO

I just thought that this was pretty cool, this is a live snapshot of our listeners today. I think it has to do with our recent affiliations with WTF RADIO and other Djs. So now you can see the reach ratio. Very cool! More coming I’m sure. As our player spreads across myspace, the listener numbers will keep going up!

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