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DJ Bankrupt Releases The Riot Starter Mixtape

Featuring 40 Underground Hip Hop Artists

September 23, 2011 – DJ Bankrupt has recently released Riot Starter, his newest mix tape featuring 40 prolific underground hip-hop artists. Known for promoting some of the best underground artists out there today, DJ Bankrupt calls his latest mix tape, “Crazy, gangster, street music.”

Riot Starter functions as a creative means of expression for 40 independent artists whose raw talent, undiluted by commercial restraints, is hard, powerful and has a message that reverberates in the streets. Inspired by recent world riots, artists from all over the world came together to bring followers street rhymes that came from their souls, sharing the pain, triumph, struggle and the anger.

According to DJ Bankrupt, “Riot Starter is proving once again that independent artists have the talent that is lacking among the major recording artists. This latest release is a street heavy, double-cd in high caliber mp3 format, designed to be listened to in your car with that way low bass and crazy gangster style.” Riot Starter is his most ambitious effort to date and is guaranteed to renew your faith in the underground artist scene.

DJ Bankrupt continues to be cutting edge and a die-hard ally of the hip-hop culture and underground artists. He provides a format that allows independent artists to highlight their talent and tell their stories. He has a following amongst true underground fans who want the unfiltered, hard-edged music that is true to the original hip-hop culture. His station is 100% artist supported by artist music and is 100% underground hip-hop culture.

DJ Bankrupt wants Riot Starter in the collections of all followers of underground hip-hop. With its international flavor and crazy, gangster style vibe, he guarantees the double cd will not disappoint.

For more information, visit the website at www.musicmoneymixtapes.com.
Contact Information:
Author: Lisa
Country: Canada
Province: Alberta
Bankrupt Productions

Email: musicmoneymixtapes@gmail.com
Website: www.musicmoneymixtapes.com
Twitter: @djbankrupt
Booking/Press: jerry.doby@gmail.com

Download:  Disc One: thatcrack.com/mixtapes/dj-bankrupt-the-riot-starter-disc-one/

Download Disc Two:  thatcrack.com/mixtapes/dj-bankrupt-the-riot-starter-mixtape-disc-two/

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