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@steviefchise Stevie Franchise #NowOrNeva

| August 16, 2013

Dubbed as the second OFFICIAL release from independent artist Stevie Franchise. Fool’s Gold drops in as a classic vibe, in my opinion it’s a great opener for this mixtape. The tape seamlessly moves into the rest of the music, which is surprisingly good mixing. The mastering by DJ Loot is very good, as a DJ myself I can appreciate what’s been done. No annoying horns, with album quality I actually think this should have just been released on Itunes. With the line up of Producers and unsigned artist features on this it might have been hard to do the paperwork on it though. I’m not a fan of I’m Gone, but that’s just me the effort is solid but it be allot better without the guitar. I really like the low bass in this mixtape, the levels are off the hook, great for the car stereo. The tape picks up speed with Work It ft. Flyboy keeping a good flavor in your mouth. One of those tracks that baby momma is gonna enjoy bumping to. I think my favorite track is going to be “Raindrops” track 8, simply the whole feeling of the track is on that other level. Reminding me of the old apartment days, listening to new music with my buddies, even the feature artist puts in a great effort on this. All in all this mixtape is a great collection of mad beats and mad feat. artists. I look forward to interviewing Stevie Franchise on an upcoming episode of Bankrupt Basement.


1.Fool’s Gold
2.Deep Thoughts
3.Im Gone ft J-Goods
4.Twisted Off the Cup
5.Work It ft FlyBoy
7.Mo’ Drinks Mo’ Bottles
8.Raindrops ft Chris Ray
9.Wanna Feel
10.4 The Fam ft Scripture and G Black
12.Reality Check
13.Messages From You ft Gary Randolph
14.$ is the Motive
15.Overdrive ft Immij Nos
16.Finish Line ft Gary Randolph
17.Maybach Dreams***BONUS TRACK***
18.Im Gone MAD-Mix ft Lil Jin, Tone, P-Money, G Black, Reco, WR29Z, Rebel Roys, Tune aka June Cartel***
19.No Sleep (NoSleep EP)
20.Green Faces (NoSleep EP)
21.Only Thing Poppin ft VH (NoSleep EP)

” Featuring some of the hottest unsigned artist from the Mid-West back to the East Coast (Scripture, Gary Randolph, Tone, Rebel Roys, Lil Jin, J-Goods, P-Money, G Black, Tune aka June Cartel, Reco, WR29Z, Chris Ray, FlyBoy, VH, Immij Nos). Also featuring some of the hottest producers out (Cooarri, JusAMelody, Mark Gee Beats, OneS Productions, JGramm, Main Event West, Tha Musik Examiner, SDotFire, Lexi Banks, G Black, Jinsta, The Shah Bros, Extraordinary Muzik, Eurostarz). “


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