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Music Money Mixtapes

This station is owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is 100% artist supported by artist music. We are 100% underground hip hop culture. Slots are just $10 to be on a mixtape, that will get your song into rotation on this station and also on a mixtape and my show Mixtape Mailbox. Which means: Triple exposure, if the song is really good it might be in rotation for 90 days+. We support unsigned, small label artists and their djs that push the music on a daily basis. Keep in mind that my station, and followers came from originally one promotional blog post, and twitter.

Who am I? I am DJ Bankrupt. The station and page, have a mainly Canada / US listener ship, but Twitter is amazing with the # of different countries I’ve reached. Take a look. I think our reach is pretty cool, and it’s dynamic. It changes all the time. My specialty is Twitter, I manage artist accounts for $25 / month my work is fully refundable. I bring your followers up to a respectable industry level without any schemes, I wrote the #mixtapewatch script on twitter as well as many other hashtag trends. Knowing me is pretty cool, cause I hear just about everybody’s new music, and can you on collaborations and all that. We help each other out. Take some time to check out what I offer for your promotion.


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