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So are you hooked up large in the game? Do you wanna get cut in on making some money in your neighborhood? Do you need some music for your web page? Or do you just want to promote your music further than ever before.

Check it out, our affiliates offer spins at $10 for 60 days rotation. They collect the $. They send in $5 and the track. per slot. So, you get an automatic 50%. Normally, they have their own promotional services to offer to artists. Such as mixtape placement, or to be on their blogtalk radio show. Some of our affiliates just want their music on the station, and carry the player; and promote us to their neighborhoods for people to tune in and listen to them.

$5 doesn’t sound like much commissions? I think you just don’t have a plan; selling cross boarder promotions is easy. You can automate this on Twitter, with You can blast out your offer, on – finding prospects is free and easy. $5 to check your email? Please, piece of cake.

Especially, if you are a DJ, you probably got a boatload of artists sending you music on the daily, I’ll bet that gmail account is already almost full. I know because I’m a DJ, and I get a crap load of music.

So our affiliate plan is really simple. The artist gets charged $10 every 60 days for rotation. Every time they pay their bill, you get paid $5. Payouts are every 30 days. We want you in rotation. You can advertise any way you want. This $ can add up if you have just 10 artists, who purchased the plan from you, that’s $50/month doing nothing.
1) They get their music played on all these sites for 60 days.

What does the artist get as a subscriber?

They can tune in to listen to their song playing on the station at any of these fine websites, we are the true sound of the underground!:
Check out our Brand New Free Iphone App to listen to your song! Or Search MMM RADIO in the Itunes App Store! Simple as that, now you can listen to us on the go!!

2) They can also get their music on a monthly Coast2Coast mixtape hosted by DJ Bankrupt, called Bankrupt Business. To see a recent example of one click here: Bankrupt Business 6.

3) They get access to post their videos and music to the music money mixtapes blog, which puts their videos directly into the hands of my 25K followers.

So what do you need to do – to be involved?


Once you have your PayDotCom affiliate link, you can post that anywhere. The easiest thing to push on is Facebook & Twitter. Always cloak your affiliate link with a link shrinker service like: The second easiest way is to hit your mailing list. Just let them know you can get them plays on a major Internet Radio Station, on a Coast2Coast mixtape, and Twitter promotion; for a mere $10/month.

Contact: Music Money Mixtapes @ GMAIL Dot Com – subject / #CUTIN if you wanna be seriously involved!

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