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#NEW Scott King (@RealScottKIng) – “Who Shot Ya” (FREESTYLE)

| March 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

“When you get where you need to get, then you can slow down. But life happens so fast, you have to stay on top of things. At the end of the day, no one is going to take care of me but me.”

–Scott King (formally Q DA KID)

Scott King – a name which comes from the combination of his maternal family surname and the concept that men should be kings – brings a message that is largely missing from the industry today. He skips the braggadocio and forgoes the glorification of money, women, and drugs. With a sound and lyrical content reminiscent of the days of real hip-hop, Scott King’s rhymes focus on humility, dreams actualized, and perseverance. 

“I like really having something to talk about,” he says.  “Everything I rap about is really a part of my life. You can get to know me through my music. Instead of rapping about money and cars, I like to tell a story. There’s a million people going through what I’m going through and I want to share that with them.” He shares his truth to show listeners, especially young people, that anyone can make it. The key is to never give up; go after any goal until it gets reached, and find an avenue to make things happen.

Scott King’s philosophy and work ethic are the actualization of “the grind” many are so quick to claim, but few truly live. No matter what time he gets to bed, he is up at 8:00 am every day working on his craft. Writing. Producing. Recording. Creating. He knows that you can’t wait for things to get done; you have to make things happen on your own.  It’s this ethos that has made him the self-sufficient one-man-show he is today. Having never truly had management, he is used to going it on his own and resourceful enough to figure out a way to get things done. Not only does he put pen to paper and rhyme to mic to tell his story, but he records and mixes his own tracks in an in-home studio – one which he built and wired from scratch with his own two hands. With or without a team, with or without label backing, Scott King is determined to make a way for what he wants. 

His drive grew alongside him in a single-parent home in Flatbush Brooklyn. He and his brother were forced to learn life the hard way while his mother worked constantly to pay the bills. There was no male figure in his life. Naturally, the streets raised him. His mother couldn’t always afford everything he and his older brother wanted, but he simply refused to do without. Not having it made him determined to get it. He found a way to get what they wanted – often doing things the street way – until he figured out a better way.

Scott King discovered the art of rhyme through his older brother’s cassettes of rap pioneers and game changers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, and Run DMC.  Drawn to the style of lyricism and storytelling, he wanted to learn to put words together the way the voices spewing from his brother’s stereo could. He started rapping at the age of 11, recording at home on the family tape deck, and stuck with it through grade school on into college. During his first year at Kingsboro College, he caught the attention of Violator records. He signed a deal then and left school to follow his dreams, soon working with production heavyweights Kool & Dre, Bryan Michael Cox, DJ Premiere, NO ID, and even garnering him a commercial deal with Under Armour. 

Fast forward to the present day, and King is between New York and Atlanta and still on a constant grind: working full time, actively raising his 3-year-old daughter, and recording and producing new material. He has songs with Red Café, Anthony Hamilton, Jerimih, Bun B, and Jadakiss among others, in preparation for his upcoming EP entitled “All Things Must Past.” Having named it after the realization that yesterday must come to an end and better is coming soon,  King says his new project focuses learning from the past and moving on to the future. 

For Scott King, all life’s negatives have turned to positives. Now it’s time to share his message of transformation with the world.  

Bankrupt Business – Episode 23 feat. CEO FLAME (@CEOFLAME)

| February 2, 2015 | 0 Comments

Bankrupt Business – Episode 23 by Dj Bankrupt on Mixcloud

Burning the soul with his lyrical truth, this Augusta, GA native is destined to impact his generation and those to follow. With influences such as Scarface, T.I. and Jay-Z, there is no denying that this good looking, smooth rhyming, sophisticated wordsmith will go multi-platinum. Outrunning his hustling days, he wanted to earn his living spitting fire instead. After heating up the South with his fiery lyrics, Flame has teamed up with music producers (DNR, MP, KV, Purp, Vybe and Tone Jones) to ensure a cutting edge sound.On his debut Mixtape ‘The Campaign’, Flame proves his worth with attention grabbing tracks such as ‘Dirty Money’. There’s no doubt with flawless production and scorching lyrics, Flame will be branding his mark into the world of rap with his first impression to the masses. He has already made such with brands like NOPI National Car Show, participating in an 18 city tour throughout the United States, and his unique style has sparked the interest of both major and independent labels such as Empire Music Group and Warner Brothers.He takes the listener through his black and white world in multiple freestyles and original songs, etching such indelible lines as “13 wit a bookbag full of dope, money to me, but a fiends nap sack full of hope” into their minds. All eyes and ears should keep a look out for Flame as his fire begins to catch on.

#Single Dopekiid (@dopekiid93) x Scrilla – HALLEJUJAH – Song #1374

| July 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

DOPEKIID, Resident of Ottawa, Canada, releases that ‘Turn Up’ Music with his new single Featuring Scrilla, HALLEJUJAH. Merging lyrical capabiltiy with a beat that could make the club collapse, Dopekiid found the sweet spot & appealed to the masses.

      A simple yet “Catchy” Hook leads the real listeners into a fast-paced first verse, equipped with lyrical gymnastics. With Scrilla killing the adlibs, the record already gives off a massive amount of energy.

Scrilla comes out with a freestyled Bridge to complete this Record, hitting us with a melodic & raw sound that matches perfectly with energy of this Record.

   Engineered by Lj Jagai from The Cave, Hallejujah is an explosive introduction into Dopekiid’s versatility & skill as an Artist, Leaving a “Stain in the Game”.

Hallejujah give’s us a clear vision of what to expect from his Debut Mixtape “The Most Un-Likely To Succeed”, while hardly spoiling it.

#Soundcloud K-HAM CA (@Khadeem_H) – Attack Of The Mi$fits

| June 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

You can download his single, and you can download his mixtape below. #PAYATTENTION just for a fucking second ok?

MMM RADIO Top 50 Indie Hiphop & Rap Songs 2013

| January 31, 2014 | 1 Comment

These are picks of the top 50 independent Hiphop and Rap artists that have had their music featured on ( MMM RADIO ). Brought to you by DJ Bankrupt. The list is in no particular order. If you enjoy unsigned hiphop and rap, then you should really download this torrent. If you like any of the artists support them on Itunes, and buy their music




           @1Syke – 1SYKE- ALL BOUT ME.mp3     6.4 MB
@414HOOD – HOOD DOE ft. Future ALL I DO Produced by KE.mp3     3.42 MB
@_Dnme – D’NME_-_Out_In_The_Morning.mp3     6.97 MB
@AntagonistLBC – The Antagonist – Take Yours.mp3     6.3 MB
@antwon0428 – Mr. Hardtime ft. Breezy Ali – Money Walk.mp3     5.32 MB
@bcide – B-CIDE – Get Beat Down.mp3     6.9 MB
@Bigg_Jigg – Bigg Jigg – Street Grind.mp3     5.31 MB
@CRAZEA739 FT. @FREDTHEGODSON – CrazeA730 Ft. Fred The Godson – Shot Up.mp3     9.49 MB
@DoloTheBandit – DOLO THE BANDIT – GET DOWN.mp3     3.06 MB
@FattyDuke – Fatty Duke – Resume.mp3     7.81 MB
@footprynce FOOTPRYNCE – MONEY ON MY MIND.mp3     5.3 MB
@fRiGgJameZ – FRiGg JameZ – Money Maker.mp3     4.79 MB
@gwopstarrz – BAD BITCH – GWOPSTARR – G4 GEO.mp3     3.54 MB
@HENNYWHYTE Henny Whyte – Chillin In The Shade.mp3     4.2 MB
@IAmBrasco – Hussle Crowe – The Old Days (produced by General Beats)(1).mp3     2.85 MB
@IAMCRISIS – Crisis – Hung From The Fence (Prod. By One).mp3     8.72 MB
@IamOverDose – OVERDOSE – OUTLAW FT. CRAZY J.mp3     6.25 MB
@IAmSwiftSlay – Swift Slay – Move Ft Aladdin Gee, TMP.mp3     3.39 MB
@J3RMS – Jerms – Certified.mp3     3.02 MB
@KnightKrawla – KnightKrawler – Firecracker (remix).mp3     4.67 MB
@KRTNYC Kritikal – Addicted.mp3     10.04 MB
@LumoDaGr8 – Lumo – Would U Ryde.mp3     4.41 MB
@MacheteKing – Machete King – Legalize It.mp3     5.17 MB
@Methix ft Guy Woods – The Bushmen – Lumberjack.mp3     6.74 MB
@MicNice – Mic Nice – Evil People.mp3     5.3 MB
@money_back – Gur-nt ft. Great Whyte KL – Run Dat In.mp3     6.44 MB
@MossDaBeast – Moss Da Beast – Got That Bag.mp3     4.5 MB
@moucetrap – Mouce – Money Long Time (Prod. HB Titan).mp3     5.12 MB
@Mr_Riddler704 – Mr Mel The Riddler – Talking to the Money.mp3     4.2 MB
@MrDiverse – KUSH – DIVERSE FT. PTP & E-MOE.mp3     7.3 MB
@NateHardy_ (TNN) Nate Hardy – Puppet Master Feat Prince Ea.mp3     11.5 MB
@NAYMEZ Naymez – Thank You.mp3     3.82 MB
@nsane187 – Nsane – Hardbody Hustle.mp3     4.6 MB
@QuailzP – Quail$ P. – Villain.mp3     9.69 MB
@ROGIZZ – Black Blago – Millionaire Status.mp3     7.09 MB
@SiccnessMusic – Siccness ft Cashis – Rollin Down A Backstreet (Bigg Rocc Remix).mp3     3.53 MB
@SlateStoneMusic – Slate Stone & Crs-G – Face Value.mp3     3.88 MB
@SnakeIIz – Snake IIz – I’m Comin.mp3     4.98 MB
@SnestroManHole – Snestro – Ghetto Life (Produced By Daz Jones (ManHole Ent.).mp3     9.38 MB
@SOPRESICE – SoPresice – Cost To Be Boss.mp3     3.21 MB
@SOUNDCHILDCREW – SoundChild Crew – Cadillac Pimpin.mp3     10.62 MB
@STLDynasty12 ft @BILLYBLUE305 – BEAST FT BILLY BLUE – BOSS.mp3     7.27 MB
@ThaRealDolla904 – DOLLA FT. YOUNG BREED – FOR DA STREETZ.mp3     7.36 MB
@The_Chill – The Chill – I Hustle, I Grind [Dirty].mp3     7.5 MB
@TUCKMLB – T.U.C.K – Earn My Stripes.mp3     4.17 MB
@VaderGoinGnarly – Young Vader – Yeah Ho.mp3     5.03 MB
@Yooda21 – Yooda – I Need That Now GMIX ft. Bad guy, VidoNoShake, B.O.mp3     5.37 MB
@Yung_Wreckless – Yung Wreckless & V Skinny – I Need You.mp3     3.47 MB
Duce Rivas – Natural Born Hooligan – 02 Natural Born Hooligan.mp3

Official Video “Betta Daze” Krypto (@KryptoFlowShow)

| January 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Now here’s a smart move by an upcoming artist, putting his song on Youtube and also on Bandcamp, so that if you like the song, you can download it.  Seems like a smart marketing strategy to me, as allot of times I get requests for songs that I play on my station, or songs that I post on the blog. If you don’t have that option for your listener, you’ve wasted a good moment, and a really good opportunity to build your fan base. There seems to be allot of tools out there right now that enable you, as an artist to share your work. So if you don’t post something up on Itunes, maybe Bandcamp is the way for you. In any case, I know you’ll enjoy this new video from Krypto (@KryptoFlowShow) he’s just that breath of fresh air that you are looking for. And, you can download his music below. Check out the video.

starring Riko Bay
Directed by Bo
Edited by Sal G
song prod. by Scandal


[ New Single ] Double H-Town (@realdoublehtown) – Everyone Finessen

| January 10, 2014 | 0 Comments
Double-H - Everyone Finessen

Double-H – Everyone Finessen

@BasickDudeShar shares “Power”

| November 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Power by Shar

Known mostly for his songwriting and numerous rap songs he achieved in high school, Shar began working on his first independent project, Insomnia. After that, he started working on his debut mixtape, Medusa, which is scheduled to release Feburary ’14. Shar shares with use “Power”.

@THEMASTERMIND26 shares InternationaL ft. Hot Lotto

| August 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

G The Mastermind, a native of Chicago/Washington DC, supplies listeners with vocals that will captivate and lyrics that pierce the soul. This artist is also a Engineer, Producer and Songwriter for many artists in the DC, Maryland Virginia Area. Check out his latest song “International” featuring Hot Lotto.

@OfficialODProd #JBRPresents Unrelea$eD #NF @IamOverDose

| May 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

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