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My 2017 Live Show: Bankrupt Nation – Fresh 10 at 10

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Saturdays 10 PM – Mountain ( That’s Midnight Eastern ) Call Me Live (909) 366 – 5361

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This Summer, I will make extra podcast appearances during the week, or on Sundays @ 10 PM Mountain.
You might already be super well known in your city, but in Canada, does anybody know your music? How about in the many other countries that tune in to the live show, and the station on a daily basis?
Using mixtapes to get your music heard is great. But it’s only part of the big platform, you need the full edge. That’s where radio shows like comes in to play, I work to bridge the gap for unsigned artists.
My show, it’s always free to get on it. To reserve a spot on my live show, well sometimes I charge a really small fee for a specific date.
But, that’s for a special date, that you need, for your launch date. Sometimes you are putting out a new album, you want to make those radio appearances ahead of time. My show is different, I have a legion of followers built up over a span of 7 years doing this online.
I have more followers than any other Canadian Dj, (at least I think I still hold that record). I worked hard to get you to my station, to get you to my show. So let’s have some fun, and tare it up. This show is Explicit, it can be controversial, it can be insane, my wife would say sometimes it’s ” a crazy show”. I didn’t start here, I’m finishing here – with on my own station, actually radio network. I hope you want to be a part of that!
1)  Email your music to: Subject: Fresh 10 at 10. 
If you are to lazy to put a subject line in your email. I may be to lazy to select it. Include all your Social Media Information. If I can’t find you, I can’t play your music. Check back frequently, and tweet me, if you’ve sent in your music.
If you just forwarded your Music to 100 Djs, and cc:’d me. I’m going to not want to play your music.
Take your time, put together a decent email with all the details. Include your Facebook Artist Page, if you don’t have one – make one it’s 2016.
Include your Twitter, if you don’t have one, make one. Include your Soundcloud page, otherwise I can’t subscribe and hear your new music.
If you don’t have one, make one. Include a video if you have one, then I might post it on the Radio Station blog.
If you are submitting music, make sure you are following me on Twitter, if I don’t see you following me, I will not play your music. I’ll play the music submitted by my other 25 thousand followers.
If you really want your song played. Call , Text, Tweet , Facebook Me, during the Show. And If, I have a spot, I’ll spin your Song.
2)  Add me on skype: musicmoneymixtapes ( You should have Skype to get on the show, that makes it easy for you, but it’s not 100% necessary now that we have the live call in # ) but it’s best if you have it amd wanna just chill with us!

3) Tune in on any Sat. night @ 10pm – 12 Midnight ( Mountain Time ) 12AM – 2AM Eastern Time , and I’ll put your music on live.
Download it straight out of my email live, while you tell people about it.
You should tweet me, facebook me, or something if you are game to be on the show, so I don’t forget ALLOT of people are wanting on the show now!
4) Here’s a Video that explains how Skype works! Made by my friend Jeff Davis, our marketing rep. How Make Calls to the MMM RADIO on Skype
5) If you don’t have skype, you can email me your mobile #, and I’ll phone you. I’m not entirely broke – Just Bankrupt. Actually, sometimes with Skype, sometimes it’s better if I just call you… 
You can be sure, I never divulge your details to anyone, anytime anywhere, unless you tell me to do so. You can call into the show at the live show # posted on the page: (909)366-5361
6)  You can always reach me during the show on Facebook, by Adding me as a friend.
Chatting to me live on Twitter:
Even you can hit me on Google Talk:
 7) Also, you are welcome to call in any weekend. If you hear an open spot, skype me and we’ll talk. The show is about your new music, not mine. So, let’s have a great time. 
Respect the people on the show, by having positive interactions, when people’s music is on, mute your microphones. Finally, enjoy the show! And watch for the podcast!!!
Use it to promote yourself to your fans!

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