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First of All Thank You

Thank you 1000% for wanting to send your music to me Dj Bankrupt and Bankrupt Nation. You can catch Bankrupt Nation every Saturday night 10pm-Midnight (Mountain Time). Please tune in to request your song on Sat. nights this ensures your song will be played on the live show sooner than later. I get ALLOT of submissions, yours needs to stand out! If you get any package below your music will automatically go on the station. 

Getting On This Station:

I encourage you to do business with my affiliate station sites, they have a great many different packages to assist an artist promoting your music. You should see their links on the right side of the site. We play all kinds of music, both clean & dirty versions.


$10 Monthly Promotional Subscription, get’s your Song Premium Spins, Cancel at anytime.

Submit new songs, every month if you want. Free monthly Twitter promotion for each song!

Please remember to email us with your Paypal Reciept, music links, or .mp3 and Cover Art, as well as ALL your Social Media Info!


Remember, It’s free to get on the show, but my promos go hard for you on twitter, and at the lowest rates possible. All song submissions that make it on a mixtape get at least 90 days in rotation on the station. The money that I get from the slots goes directly into promoting the mixtapes and the station in Alberta, Canada. This way, we build up together.

Guidelines, Simple.

Due to the high number of requests for plays, and the high number of requests for video/mixtape posts here are some guidelines.

Your submitted Music needs to be properly tagged, At minimum – have “Artist Name – Title” in the track. If you want your song played on the show or station. If you are just looking to share your music, provide a full description, your twitter, a promo picture, and download link for the blog posting.

Submitters must be following @DJBankrupt on Twitter. To follow Dj Bankrupt on Twitter [ Click Here ]
Submitters must also be on the Bankrupt Productions mailing list.

All submitted Videos need to be “Official Videos” at minimum, they can be filmed with a webcam,or video camera.
Please include a full description, and a youtube link. Indie works are great, but no picture videos will be accepted.

All submitted Mixtapes must have a picture, tracklist,some description of it, and download links.

Thanks for all your support!

Always send in your music for free to: and sooner or later your song will be played. Sooner, if you tune in, later if you don’t bother to do so. Please send a high quality track, 192 kbps as your song may be chosen for free addition onto a mixtape or my 1hr mixshow podcasts, which are carried by other online radio stations.

What I will play: I will play almost any “dirty versions” of tracks, but I will not play music that is hateful towards women, gender or race. I will play all kinds of gangster rap etc. as long as it has a theme etc. I will play most industry “beef” tracks, if they are done well because I think it’s important that people are allowed to make a statement. I will also play uncensored “freestyle” rap, when it’s done well regardless of talent level or your self esteem. I think it’s important.

Getting on the live show Bankrupt Business:

Refer to for information about the show. 

Listen to old episodes: 


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