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Cool choice, we have a couple options that you can choose from..

License Disclosure

Before I get into pricing packages, you should know the differences, between my station and other online radio stations.  First off, Music Money Mixtapes is licensed to play your music in Canada, under SOCAN and the license is current. This means that I put in the hard work of registering with them, Music Money Mixatpes is licensed under Tariff 22F, on Account# 92096131. Artists registered with SOCAN should be compensated by SOCAN in CANADA if your music has been properly registered with them. For information on how that stuff works please visit the SOCAN website. Our SOCAN license is registered to protect MMM RADIO CANADA from inaccurate or unlawful submissions, just in case an artist is / was not faithful in providing the true information related to their musical work, and not in relations to Royalty agreements made by Artists. But rather to protect Artists and the owners of this station from copyright complaints, and or disputes which several other online music providers have to contend with. There are many stations which side step this process because it is costly, and allot of station owners don’t believe that compensation goes to the Artists but rather to the companies that collect royalties. We do not pay out royalties to Artists, this is the business of the music license companies likes SOCAN, ASCAP, etc. depending on your country. It is our expectation that these companies send the royalties to you, but we don’t have any information to verify this. Now, with all that legal stuff, out of the way . . .

Transparent Expectations

As an Artist, you should make every effort to Protect and Register your music.

As a Station, we provide will you a platform to have your music heard by an Audience that you would not normally have access to. We attempt to be online 24/7 365 , but there could be a disruption of services by acts of God, or hackers.

Music Money Mixtapes provides a Freely Accessible Radio Stream available to mobile and web users of all Nations, we are based in Canada. We have affiliates in the United States and other countries.

This site is 100% supported by Artist Submissions, and not based on an Advertising model – this in an effort to keep any Sponsor advertising relevant to our core Youth Audience.

MMM RADIO exclusively plays the music of Independent Artists or Small Label Artists by Permission from the Label, or the Artist personally, without any expectation of financial Compensation, Record Sales, or Royalties. 

MMM RADIO should be viewed solely as a promotional outlet, that works together with your over-all publicity efforts, in order to bring more exposure to your music or brand.

When you do business with MMM RADIO. As an Artist you should have a EPK, or Electronic Press Kit. As an Artist you should have a Twitter Account, and A Facebook Account.

When you Submit, you should have a Short Biography in the Email, Include your EPK, and links to All your Social Media that’s related to your Submission.

When you Submit your Music, it should be properly tagged, or protected by a music service you use one to track plays. If you don’t use such a service, we can provide a report of how many plays your song received if you are a subscriber to our promo services.

Our General Audience demographic:  

Music Money Mixtapes focus of expansion is with a Young Mobile Listener base. Users of the site can listen online by means of  MMM RADIO on IPHONE and MMM RADIO on ANDROID .

( 1 ) Ages 18 – 35 years. – Highly Mobile Youth Audience, the kids and older fans – that use their phones for everything.

( 2 ) Users of Twitter and Facebook, as well as other Social Media – The people who share Music online via Twitter and Facebook

( 3 ) Main Music Genres : Hip Hop , Rap, R&B , ReggaeDance , EDM , POP – as well as anything else that is upbeat, and sounds great to our Audience.

( 4 ) Mobile Base:  There have been Aprox, 5,000 downloads of our mobile apps as of March 2016.

( 5 ) Combined Listener Base:  43,014  Global Listeners for May 2016.  2,300  Hours Listening.  537 Listener Device Types.



All Packages Come With A Free Twitter Campaign from @DJBANKRUPT and @MMMRADIOCANADA. 

New Premium Spins – Gold Package

When you order from this page, you are ordering a Subscription. Meaning your Song will Play for 30 days, and it will automatically renew every 30 days. Order this if you want to submit a Single, and want the Premium Spins.

As a Subscriber you get the Premium Spins package. The Premium Spins package gets you Plays Every 2 hours, except during the Live DJ Shows that play once every 12 hours.

As a Subscriber, You can even change out your Song – * Every Month – if you want! All you have to do is email in the New Song you want played for that Month.

As a Subscriber,  Your New Song(s) will be blasted, to Dj Bankrupt’s mailing list of over 2,000 verified Fans, Artists, and Djs on his Fresh 10 @ 10 Newsletter.

If your song is on Itunes, you’ll get a 30 day – Itunes Campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Your Twitter campaign will be blasted twice daily for 30 days, to @DJBANKRUPT 25 Thousand+ followers, as well as the new @MMMRADIOCANADA Twitter account.

Your Song will be posted on MMM RADIO CANADA Facebook Page, once per day for 30 days.

If you have made an Official Video for your song, ( that is a professionally made video ), your video will be posted on MMM RADIO Facebook Page.

First time Premium Subscribers will get a Boosted Facebook Post, which will take $7.00 from your monthly budget and run it for 7 days to the Fans and Friends of DJ Bankrupt , and MMM RADIO Canada.

When you order, please contact: musicmoneymixtapes @ gmail dot com with your:

Paypal Order #, Your Album Art, & All Social Media Information!

( *Please allow up to 48 hours for new song submissions, to be put into rotation, only one song change per month )

( this page is under construction tonight. )


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