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Thank you for purchasing a subscription for rotation on MMM RADIO. Your subscription will continue until you decide to cancel it. On your bill you may see a charge from paypal, or paydotcom our payment provider or our paypal email safercontent @

Please submit your properly tagged .mp3 to musicmoneymixtapes @ – along with your paypal reciept for verification;  and the single you wish to have in rotation. Subject:  Slot Subscription Purchase  Please give us up to 48 hrs, to upload your new music to the station.  Due to fraudsters, this is a manual process. So, you must forward your paypal purchase #, with your song submission.  Remember with paypal you can cancel anytime in the future if you can’t afford it. As a member, you’ll be able to switch your song, every 3 months, to a new song if you desire simply by sending an email with your Membership ID, and the new song for rotation. All of this, is a very interactive, personal approach to radio for independent artists. Also send in your bio, and a couple of other songs, to be played during the Bankrupt Basement show.  Ensure you include your Twitter name, so I can tag the track so when people hear your song and like it, they can request it again. You can request your song be played up to 5 times per day, per ip address on the station, and your song will play on our network. It will also play on all our mobile network users Iphone Apps, if you haven’t already downloaded your Iphone App, download it [ IPHONE  APP ] or search MMM RADIO in the Itunes app store, it works on Iphone & Ipads.

Windows users, If you haven’t already done so, download our new Window 7/8 application here:  [ DOWNLOADThis will allow you to listen to the station any time from your laptop or any windows device.  Anyone who has this application on their computer will get to hear your song being played.

I spent a long time setting this all up, if you have any problems at all, feel free to Skype me: musicmoneymixtapes for support or even just to inquire about your purchases etc. Take advantage of the live show.

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