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[Single] Macdon the Fifth – Entrepreneurs “Global Concourse Vol.1 album”

| January 5, 2017 | 0 Comments

Macdon the Fifth is an American rapper from Hollis Queens New York. Macdon became familiar with his talent in the basement of a friend who had DJ equipment named Dollar Bill. He began playing around with the mic and some beats and penned a few rhymes. It turned out so well that he began to see a future in music. Another song eventually caught the ear of Jam Master Jay (R.I.P.) but the timing wasn’t right and the song was passed on. Around this time he connected with Zodiac Fishgrease who was an apprentice on Video Music Box with Ralph Mcdaniels. This is when he began to catch on and got his first taste of fame. This continued attention and his musical versatility eventually landed Macdon a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Unfortunately the deal went south.

Macdon then took a break from music to start a family but he couldn’t stay away from the industry for long and soon found himself in the studio with his producer friend Beyond. He made connections with 50 Cent and Uncle Murda and landed himself a second deal with Fubu Records. Fubu was a hot urban clothing brand making a move into the music industry with a compilation album featuring major and up and coming artists. Macdon was rewarded with a 150k signing bonus from the label. In spite of this he didn’t receive the “push” that many thought he would have.

Undeterred with another opportunity placed before him, Macdon has a single entitled “Entrepreneurs” that was chosen for placement on Global Concourse Vol. 1 presented by Global Sounds Records and distributed by eOne. This album is slated for release on January 20.2017.

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Connect w/ Mac Don
Twitter: @macdonthefifth
Phone: 917-767-2893

[Album] Robbie Russell (@imrobbierussell) – Self(ish)

| June 7, 2016 | 0 Comments

NEWPORT NEWS, VA. – Robbie Russell has always loved music. It’s been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, and he’s been singing for most of his life.

Today, the rapper and singer from Newport News, VA is beginning to make waves on the east coast music scene with his relatable music and unique sound.

With a pop/R&B sound that features unique hooks, the 19-year-old’s music reflects on his life experiences and conveys his growth not only as a person, but also as an artist.

“All of my music I take from what I’ve been through or how I’m feeling in the moment,” Russell said. “I won’t write a song about girls or money or anything like that if it’s not true. My songs focus on past relationships or situations I’ve been in – what I’ve been through and how I’ve grown throughout time. That said, the songs aren’t overly specific. They’re written in a way that’s broader and can connect with almost anyone – emotions about feeling alone or how good I felt when I met a person. You can learn a lot about me from listening to my music, but it’s also open to interpretation from pretty much anyone who hears the songs.”

In May Russell drops a new single every week off of a new EP titles “Self(ish).” The full album will have eight songs and can be accessed through Russell’s Soundcloud account. Russell said the idea behind the songs on the EP is to display who he is as an artist.

“I was a little selfish by the way I put some information out there and how I wrote my music for this EP,” Russell said. “I went with what I thought was the best style that I thought for me, instead of going with what others told me I should do. Really, I just wanted to put me on this EP, and that’s what you get with these songs that I put on there.”

Russell said the EP is structured in a way that tells a story over the course of all eight songs. It starts off with a bit of a pop feel, with more singing than rap from Russell. The first songs talk about the need for a mate, with follow-up songs exploring the ins-and-outs of a relationship. “From there it transitions to a darker place with no love after losing the girl,” he said. “At that point of the EP I start to take a different approach. With the song ‘Throw It Away,’ you see a guy who’s over that relationship. But by the end of the EP, the songs are reflective of how far I’ve come as a person and as an artist. It’s all a progression of what I’ve been through over the past year-and-a-half.”

Russell has performed live at a number of shows on campus at Virginia Tech, as well as in locales in the Virginia Beach area. He can be seen regularly this summer at two places in particular along Virginia Beach – Shaka’s Live at 2014 Atlantic Ave., and Sidelines Sports Theater Bar & Grille at 3497 Holland Rd. For updates about his upcoming shows, follow Robbie Russell on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

[Album] Emilio Ruffin (@EmilioRuffin) – Luv N Lust

| June 7, 2016 | 0 Comments

Atlanta, GA Music is in artist Emilio Ruffin’s blood. The son and cousin of musicians, Emilio had access to a home studio at a young age. “Ever since then, I’ve been attracted to music.” The artist’s musical influences are diverse, drawing from a variety of genres and sounds, such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and even pop icon Lady Gaga. “A lot of people compare me to The Weekend, and call my kind of music ‘dark R&B,’” explains Emilio.

His album, Luv N Lust, released last November, is the performer’s labor of love and has been met with a great deal of positivity. “Everybody who catches onto it, seems to enjoy it,” says the artist. Emilio’s favorite song off the album is a love song, titled “I Want to Love You.” Emilio explains the meaning behind the song, “It’s basically about a girl that I know, but I know she’s in a relationship. (We know each other distantly.) I see the guy mistreats her, I’m trying to hint to her “I can show you better.” 

The unique artist’s music can’t be contained to one genre, as each song is inspired by life experiences in the moment. As Emilio explains it, “An artist isn’t always going to paint apples. Some days, they might paint trees.” Emilio’s music cannot be contained in a box, and he is eager to explore different genres and sounds and expand his musical horizons.

Luv N Lust is an important step for the artist, who explains that this is his most significant – and possibly final – attempt at making his music career meet its full potential. A Hail Mary effort of sorts, Emilio says, “This will be the last time I put my all into my music,” proving the stakes are especially high for this record. Listen on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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[Album] Joe Cat (@JoeCattt) – 4/20

| April 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Looking back on his childhood, musician and songwriter JoeCat seems to have always been destined for the limelight and music industry.

“I grew up winning talent shows my entire life, so I guess performing was something I always had in me,” he stated.

After meeting in college, he and his friend and producer, Kinderr, have been making beautiful music since. In the last couple of years, they’ve racked up quite a few accomplishments. They won the Battle of Corpus Christi, 2 years ago, and over the span of two months competed and beat out 32 artists for first place. Their music has appeared on various MTV shows, the NBA, and Tony Hawk’s “The Ride Channel.”

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“We’ve also had our song considered for Fast and Furious 7. We’re on hold right now for an opportunity with Epic records for a movie placement,” stated JoeCat.

The two have recently teamed up for their latest album release titled “420.” Unlike their previous work which has an electronica feel to it, JoeCat says this latest project has more of hip hop vibe to it.

“We’re very excited about it. We’ve put a lot of hard work into it, and we look forward to where it takes it,” stated JoeCat.

One of the first songs from that album is a fun, upbeat track titled “Money Comes, Money Goes.” According to JoeCat, it was the first song he and Kinderr worked on together after he moved back from California.

It was inspired from a Daft Punk sample. It reminds us of marching band. It’s super bouncy. The title is self-explanatory. It’s really catchy,” he explained.

JoeCat says he and his producer friend, Kinderrr, owe a lot of their success so far to El Dusty, a mentor signed to Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

He’s kind of our big brother that we’re hoping to tour with a lot in the future. He’s helped us out a lot,” stated JoeCat.

To learn more about JoeCat, check him out on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

[Video] Brose Royce (@BroseNotGuilty) – Ghetto Bird + Trillmatic album

| November 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

Brose Royce drops “Ghetto Bird” video today alongside the highly anticipated album TRILLMATIC. East meets West again as Brose shoots this Ice Cube sampled track in NYC. Directed by Dolo Fimz.

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Connect w/ Brose Royce:
Twitter: @BroseNotGuilty
Instagram: @BroseRoyce

[EP] Boy Face (@boyfacebusy) & Sosa (@sosa_writer) – Sosa & Boots

| October 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

NEW @boyfacebusy BOY FACE & @sosa_writer SOSA EP!

Search SOSA&BOOTS BOY FACE Allstar guest: BUY – #rocnation #tidal

[Album] Goblins (@SenseiGOBLINS) – Humanz

| May 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA—When you listen to Brandon Seamster talk, you quickly forget he’s just a teen who recently graduated from high school. He’s wise beyond his years.
“I grew up in an area where alcohol and drugs were around me, and I tried to stay away from that. I was the type of person that kind of saw it all for what it was worth,” stated Seamster. “I tried to go in the opposite direction. Before you can change anybody’s life you must change yourself.”
And changing people’s lives is exactly what he is doing. He recently debuted his first major EP titled “HUMANZ” which has already received a lot of positive buzz from fans all over the country.
“The response has been crazy. There is a song on their called “Gang Prophecy Part.1” and this 14-year-old kid from Massachusetts called me and told me that my music was actually helping him get through a hard time in his life,” stated Seamster. “That made me feel good to know that somebody is actually getting something from this. It makes me feel like I’m doing my job and I need to continue to do that.”
Influenced by hip hop icons like Eminem, Nas, and Biggy Smalls, their style is sampled in Seamster’s latest EP which focuses on a lot of the big news stories making headlines today.
“Some of the topics I touch on include the Trayvon Martin incident. I touched on Ferguson,” stated Seamster. “As for the name of the EP, it comes from the fact that we’re all human. We all make mistakes. But now in this time, things are starting to happen where people almost follow into the footsteps of what other people do. The ‘z’ at the end is stands for ‘zombie.’ We are starting to become programmed to do what people are telling us to do.”

To learn more about this talented, new artist, check him out on Twitter and Instagram. You can also listen to him at

[Album] CaP DoLLA (@CaPDoLLa) – L’Evated

| April 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—CaP DoLLa, whose real name is LaDarian Crosby, has been working extra hard to make his latest album even better than the last. Just when music critics thought his sound couldn’t get any better, the talented rapper continues to prove them wrong.
“To me it’s important that people know I’m sincere in my music. I don’t do gangsta rap. I’m not a big club dude, that’s not really my thing. My range goes all over the place, though,” stated Crosby. “People usually look for comparisons of other artists. But I don’t really like to do that. I’m my own person.”
With three songs already released, fans won’t be disappointed with his latest sure hits. His tracks combine that traditional hip hop sound, lots of bass and a hint of electronica for a unique beat that music lovers will listen to over and over again.
“The first album was pretty much a learning experience. I learned a lot by funding the first project out of my own pocket,” explained Crosby. “I’m definitely a perfectionist when it comes to my music. Even though I’m still not where I want to be, where I am now is definitely above where I was.”
From club tracks to songs about personal growth and development, no topic is off limits for this talented rapper.
“It’s a pretty diverse album, and it’s based a lot on what’s going around the city of Chicago, especially with the crime,” stated Crosby. “I also have a song on here called ‘Last Stand’ that I wrote for my little girl. My daughter is 6-years-old and I have not seen her since she was six-months-old. God forbid, if she never sees me again, when she hears that song, she’ll know she was thought of. She’s the only child I have.”
Raised by a single parent in one of Chicago’s most dangerous projects, Crosby draws inspiration from his past to create clever rhymes fans have grown to love and appreciate.
“I want my music to grab your attention,” stated Crosby. “I also try to get out as much as possible. When I’m secluded, writing songs can be a challenge. Exposure to the outside world helps me come up with my lyrics.”

L'Evated by CaP DoLLa
To learn more about CaP DoLLa, visit him on his website at

[Album] Ted Massena (@HGMco) – N2O

| April 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

ORLANDO, FLORIDA—If you’re looking for a hip hop artist who’s different, then rapper Ted Massena is your guy. He considers himself the “black sheep” of hip hop.
“I feel like I’m an outcast,” explained Massena. “I like to talk about weird topics. My style is definitely in its own category. I express myself differently from a lot of people I guess.”
Rapping since the age of 18, Massena shows no signs of slowing down or giving up his unique style. In fact, he’s been in the studio for the last several months diligently working on his latest album titled ‘N2O.’
“It stands for nitrogen oxide. People who are into racing put that into their cars. So for anyone who listens to this upcoming new project, they’re taking a ride with me for a little bit while being entertained.”
With musical inspirations ranging from Eminem to Kid Cudi, Massena promises his latest work of art won’t disappoint. If nothing more, fans will be eager to hear even more of his music available all over the internet.
“I just want people to feel good and have fun when they listen to my music. Whether they’re in the club on chilling at home, I just want people to enjoy it,” explained Massena.
However, don’t be surprised if Massena’s lyrics throw listeners off guard. He admits his music can be a bit trippy or even psychedelic at times—but that’s just part of the fun.

“The way I put words together is kind of off,” he described. “I just talk a lot of sh*t in my songs. That’s just how I am. I describe my music as really ignorant.”
Massena stays rather busy, too. When he’s not in the studio making rhymes, he’s running his company titled HGM.
“I’m the leader and founder of the company. Basically, we are a group of directors, artists, etc. who collaborate together to make graphics or put together other creative projects for people,” he explained.
His company has also worked with Massena on past musical projects. His latest album scheduled to drop later this month will include ten tracks with songs including “Outer Space,” “Ozone” and “Tokyo Driff.”
“The song is really catchy. It’s loud, too.” Stated Massena.

n2o by Ted Massena
To learn more about Massena, make sure you check him out on his website at

[Video] Miz Maf (@MizMAF) – Act Right Dir. by @4EverChion

| January 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

off @Rapcine Compilation Album “Find Your Inspiration”

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In the clip for the Philly MC’s latest banger, he drops words of wisdom for the younger generation to abide by, and he also provides a visual that was inspired by one of Ice Cube’s most iconic music videos.

About a month and a half after unveiling the video for “That White” featuring fellow Philadelphia rapper Freeway, Miz MAF returns with his latest banger, “Act Right.” Throughout the hypnotic track, produced by Mello Dee Beats, Double M uses his energetic pinpoint flow to masterfully emphasize the message of coming correct in the streets.

The MC accomplishes that with sharp, direct, and fairly-repetitive lines that’ll stay on the brain for days, like with the rhyme, “When you out there doin’ your thing, you better make sure you’re true to the game / ‘Cause when you’re out there fuckin’ the game up, the game gonna fuck up your name.”

As a product, and veteran, of the streets, Miz MAF feels its his responsibility to pass along these gems of knowledge.

“It’s a play on conscience, [like] just act right when you out here living life,” he says. “I took some of my everyday real life scenarios and played ’em out in [an] open-ended form, like if people [were] me or were in these situations, what would you do? You better act right!”

He continues, “I’m from the streets, so I had to inspire the people the only way I knew how — through what I’ve been through in the streets.”

In the video above, Miz MAF is in the streets of Philadelphia, and later a recording studio, performing the song, all while visually telling a story of young gangsters making fraudulent and deceptive deals, which later comes back to haunt them.

Also, there is a man standing outside a convenience store holding cardboard signs which read “WILL RAP FOR LIKES,” thus adding a clever and sly incorporation of Facebook, and perhaps on a deeper level, real life, acceptance.

Truth be told, the idea for the treatment was sparked by a trio of 90s west coast hip-hop artists.

“The actual visual concept came from Ice Cube’s video ‘True To The Game,’ in which all day he [was] going around trunking people who [were] being frauds and not true,” Miz MAF explains. “Also, I mixed in a lil’ bit of Dr. Dre and Snoop’s video for “Dre Day,” [as] both [their video and Ice Cube’s] had an ‘exposing the fake’ feel to it, which is what my song calls for.”

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