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Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – “2012” Official Music Video – SleepyHead & Officiality

Wanna download “2012”? It’s on my mixtape, download it here! www.mediafire.com REALLY DOPE, BIG, EPIC, AMAZING collab I did with the homie SleepyHead from LA! A cover remix thing of “2012” by Jay Sean and Nicki MInaj! You only have one life, so live it up! SUBSCRIBE TO SLEEPYHEAD: www.youtube.com FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER: twitter.com My lyrics: Whole week of the stress and work/ We gon’ party up ’cause it’s well deserved/ Hands in the air, get’em up/ ‘Cause tonight ain’t even gonna end for us/ I mean, endless vibin’, j-just forget ya problems/ Fool around, music loud, you know that we gets it poppin’/ Tonight, we live it up, ’cause it ain’t over yet/ Oh we gon’ get it done, tomorrow don’t exist/ So, come out of your shell, party like it’s 2012/ Gotta have fun and party it up, tomorrow won’t come, I doubt that it will/ I’m just pretendin’ that tonight is never-ending/ Better yet, we never let it go until we gettin’ restless/ It’s all about tonight, we gonna run this town/ So let’s get loud and hype, they cannot shut us down/ So, let’s get live and dance, let it bump, no iPhone app/ Energy on, we settin’ it off, turnin’ it up, Roscoe Dash/ The night is young, it’s only 1/ And life is rough, so we gonna/

***Super Hott!!! New Drizzy Drake!!!*** I’m on one feat. Rick Ross & Lil wayne 2011

I know its been a while since a real video but enjoy this new one! tell me what you think about my singing on this, i think it came out amazing, my voice is really coming together! full song coming soon dont worry i got 2 other rappers on this one. and i’m actually working on 3 mixtape at ONCE! so i wont be able to put out as much videos, but i’m recording alot of music and dropping new material almost every day! for my new songs and single check out my sound cloud page!!! soundcloud.com Dont forget to follow Owen-Ness on twitter!! twitter.com

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