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[LP] KB – All In

| May 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

Kb has recently dropped an LP titled “All In”, which is getting buzz an has gained our attention. His style is unique an has a sound of his own , which is always good from new artist . His new tape expresses emotion an growing up in his environment such as the song “THINK ABOUT IT” which he tells how him an his friends came up from nothing to being in a better situation . All around the tape is great an you guys should really check it out!

Click [Here] To Stream

“DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS” [AKIRA Mixtape by Kwizyne]

| September 11, 2011 | 0 Comments http Info 3rd single from AKIRA Mixtape (Inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s Manga and Movie of the same title) dropping on 26.08.11 along with a new single “iLOVE”. Kwizyne talks about his early struggles in the Singapore Rap Scene, personal life and his relationship with his 1OR8FACTION label CEO, Taisuke “Monkey King” Yamamoto. The instrumental was remake by AJAY-ONE of Kanye West’s classic DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS. New Lyrics Written by: Kwizyne Remake Produced by : A-Jay One Project:AKIRA Mixtape Lyrics DEVIL Chorus: Hoping my true muthafuckas know this be the realest shit I ever wrote. Up in the studio as a foe for the stupid truest shit I spoke. Verse 1: Here’s my naked truth I address to you. Through a rebel but the devil had to dress it new. A level I can’t settle called the pot and kettle black when my heart in fact is not any less of dull than that. They say, for Pete’s sake you lagging on your classic tracks. Pushin back release dates. My album might not be dropped suffer same fate as the Dre Detox. Without a pot to piss in. Took a job and wishin’ I could stop with spitting on jacked beats. Sweat for a cheque. Saw the digits. nearly ripped it . Psyche! Hey money’s still money right? with the CPF cut fuck them bitches. Can’t say I’m too young for retirement chip-ins. When my chips is down I’m Still a chip off the old block got my old pops pissed off. For insistin cuts from my 1st and 15th every month Early retirement wishes. I’ll fulfill

Wiz Khalifa “Phone Numbers” ft. Big Sean & Trae tha Truth (Cabin Fever Mixtape) 2011

| March 15, 2011 | 21 Comments

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