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[Video] YannaMaria – Candy Crush

| November 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

Austin Music Group artist YannaMaria is leading the wave for female artists in the game and she has finally unveiled her official video for her magnetic single “Candy Crush.” Putting on for the ladies, YannaMaria is clearly all about empowering the women around her while making sure the men know she has no time for games. In the video, we find Yanna linking up with all her ladies, flexing their moves and seemingly have the time of their lives. With a brand new album on the way, expect big things from the rising star, YannaMaria.

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RnB Artist Big Chris Releases Album ‘Bad Timing’

| April 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

“Big Chris’ album is straight fire from start to end. Real R&B music! This gonna be in a lane of its own.” – The Swede – 808 Mafia

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UK based RnB artist and producer Big Chris releases his newest album ‘Bad Timing’ available via all major media providers.

After a successful release of his last single ‘F The World’ in Summer 2016, the new album features smooth vocals layered over a distinctive soundscape that sets him apart as an RnB artist. Well known for his ability to phrase everyday situations in his music, this album finds a good balance of old-school RnB sounds and fresher urban beats.

Recorded by Big Chris and John Robinson at Clique Studios, London and Miami Live, Miami. The album mix was finalized by Mixbytrip at Circle House Miami. Inspirations of The Dream, Mike Posner and R Kelly can be heard throughout.

More information about the artist can be found on his social media pages and official website.

Big Chris re-release ‘In One Hand’ Ahead of ‘Bad Timing’

| February 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Big Chris Re Releases his mixtape ‘In One Hand’ hosted by lil fats ahead of releasing his first Album ‘Bad Timing’

Click [Here] To Stream on Spotify!

Click [Here] To Stream on Spotify!

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Twitter: @BigChrisRnB
Instagram: BigChrisRnB

Introducing: Ronnie Walka and Re-introducing Real R&B

| February 9, 2017 | 0 Comments

Ronnie Walka was born on August 1st in Brooklyn, New York. The oldest of four children, he had to face difficult times in the mean streets of Brooklyn. His early years was spent at the Boys and Girls High School where he was introduced to photography. He soon transferred schools and went to the Eastern District where he took his first cinematography class. This is where he learned the basics of filming and writing.

At 16, he joined his first R&B group. He was the youngest of the foursome; the other members were all over 21. He grew tired of waiting for photographers to take his promo photos, it was frustrating waiting for graphic designers to finish his demo CD covers and he no longer wanted to wait for someone to write his songs. Therefore he set out to ask questions, read books on his craft and got to work to be the powerful force behind his own success.

After so many years of hard work, Ronnie now has the knowledge, experience, equipment, drive, passion and the dream team. He has unleashed a series of creatively sexy songs that are playing in the clubs and radio stations that are sure to set the mood in any bedroom.

Quiet Storm, Grown and Sexy and Late Night programmers, you need this in you playlists now!

917 767 2893

Spotlight on Shemaiah A. Reed (@ShemaiahReed)

| November 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Shemaiah A. Reed is a music producer from San Antonio, TX is known for his chill and rnb vibes. I.A.L.B.B. project from 2013 was his first release and this project highlights another smooth ballad with a female vocalist singing over his instrumental.

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Genre: Urban/R&B: Smooth Soul
Release Date: 2016

[Video] Jesse James (@jessejamesctc) Live With Nipsey Hussle

| October 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

Moving like a Seattle rainstorm is indie artist James Goode, musically known as Jesse James a northwest local hip hop artist and songwriter. Born and bred in Seattle, he is on his own independent grind, socializing his authentic music that has a relatable feel of real life situations. Having shared the stage with various major acts, Jesse is said to have some of the best music coming out of the city and Jesse James has become a favorite local artist ready to take his #creamteam movement and music coast to coast. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated record with Tory Lanez, due out in early 2017. WATCH FOR HIM – he is a star on the rise to the top.

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Spotlight on BL The Aviator (@Officialbl7)

| April 1, 2016 | 0 Comments

Life has already thrown rapper, Benito B.L the Aviator” Layton, a few curve balls in life; however, so far he’s managed to bounce back every single time, a true testament of his character.

In November, he lost his job and also has had to deal with his brother in and out of jail. Through it all, though—his music has served as therapy, and it’s those struggles that have served as the inspiration for his first major project.

“It’s basically, a melancholy EP that a lot of people can relate to. It’s based off of hard times and depressing times that I’ve not only been through—but I know a lot of other people have gone through, too,” he stated. “In a nutshell, my life was the inspiration for the entire project.”

After losing his job as a school photographer, Benito says he decided to put his emphasis on his music fulltime and hasn’t looked back since. For him, failure is just not even an option.

“My music has become my priority now. I’ve stayed up late at night just to get this project going. I’d go into the studio at seven in the morning and wouldn’t leave until 12 a.m. There were a lot of sleepless nights. I’ve spent months working on this project,” stated Benito.

Despite the hard work and time invested into the project, Benito has no regrets. The first single off of the upcoming EP is titled “Make it ‘Til Tomorrow.”

“That song really talks about how I was feeling, how making it day to day can be tough, and you’re trying to live to make it to another day. Florida is a really tough, expensive state,” he stated.

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Making music since he was 15 years old, Benito says he hope to oneday be as successful as Kanye West, TuPac and Biggy—just a few of his musical inspirations.

I definitely see myself successful, but I don’t have to be like the J.Cole type successful. I want to make a decent living off of my music and put out tracks that are from the heart and that people can relate to.”

To learn more about Benito, check him out on Twitter, Facebook Itunes and Bandcamp.

Artist Spotlight on Ryne (@LegacyOverMoney)

| November 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

In the era of trap music, club bangers, and the turn up generation…there are still artists with mellow flows and melodic beats. We introduce you to Ryne, an artist out of the DMV area delivering us that HEAT. I recently checked out his soundcloud page and all I had to do was let the music play because it was literally “MUSIC to my EARS”. Get familiar with this artist and more of his music by visiting his soundcloud at

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Spotlight on Watts Waldo (@WattsWaldoMusic)

| October 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—It’s safe to say Watts Waldo’s music career is looking pretty good right about now. He’s currently working on two major projects—including “Purple Stars and Spaceships.” For this highly-anticipated album, he’s joining forces with his uncle Teddy Riley, an award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer credited with the creation of the new “My uncle is credited for that genre, however, I’m trying to bring in a new age era,” explained Wells Waldo. “I’m very excited to be working with my uncle on this album. He showed me how to do the whole music thing in the first place.”

Watts Waldo recalls watching his Uncle Teddy work on Michael Jackson’s “Invincible” album in 2001. From that moment on, he knew he would follow in his uncle’s footsteps. In a way, he says, he’s come full circle. He’s watched his uncle help produce good music for the King of Pop. Now Riley is helping his nephew, the future King of Hip Hop, do the same. “The album is going to drop in early 2016. I describe the tracks on the album as groovy,” said the talented hip hop artist. “The theme is outer space, of course. I’m intergalactic. In the tracks, I combine hip hop, EDM and world music to form one amazing sound. Music lovers are Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Watts Waldo has been calling California home now for almost the last ten years. He says it was comedian, Eddie Griffon, who first talked him into leaving the east coast for the west.

“I haven’t looked back since,” he explained. “I originally came out to L.A. to help Eddie with a soundtrack in 2007. I came out and never left. I love it here.” According to Watts Waldo, he says he’s on a mission to change the music industry as we know it. In terms sound, he says he’s his own person and wants to be compared to no one. “I’m living in the hills, and I’m kicking a**. I’m trying to help fix the world through music. I don’t sound like anybody you currently hear on the radio. I’m a breath of fresh air. I’ve got songs when you’re mad, sad and, of course, happy. I have a song for every occasion,” stated Watts Waldo. “I have a son now, and the music today sucks overall. I’m trying to be totally different. I want him to know what good music sounds like. I put out feel good music.” Prior to the release of his 12-track album, Watts Waldo will first drop his new mixtape titled “The Manhattan Project” in the coming weeks. Fans won’t be disappointed, he says. On this project, he collaborates with the likes of DJ Khaled and Skrillex—two big-names already changing the music game as we know it.

Click [here] to checkout a preview of his track “No Strings”

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Who is Beezy De’Mayo (@GoLyfeStyle)

| July 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

As Atlanta heats up for 3rd quarter, the music scene has had an explosion of new artist, sounds, dances, and more. Just when you thought “real n*ggas” was taking a break a Georgia native comes on & shows us that’s not the case.
Beezy De’Mayo, an Eastsider hailing from Conley, Ga rite outside of East Atlanta is a seasoned “D Boy” and “Freshman” rapper. Teaming up with heavy hitters like “Zaytoven” and “Durrty Boyz” he has PROPERLY hit the scene with a couple bangers! Surprisingly enough, this guy is NO social character. Calling him a “Real Street N*gga” would be an understatement. I personally ha to force him to start a twitter page. He is truely one of those artist who is living the life that most rap about. Keep your ear to the streetz with me and check out this new single from Beezy that the ladies are loving “STAR” FREE DOWNLOAD!

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