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Broadcasting the music from our Shoutcast powered network. Our new windows application is going to make it super easy for you to get your music on the station. It’s going to make it super easy for your to tune in and listen to the station. And you’ll even have the Call In # for the Sat. night Live Show, so you can tune in and interact live with us. With some sexy Media Player visualizations, you’ll be bumping along to the best of the best unsigned hiphop, rap, r&b, dance, electro, pop, dubstep, and whatever other live mixes we get our hands on. Licensed by SOCAN your music is protected by us, and if you’re registered you’ll even get your royalties from whatever collection company you use. If you want quality exposure to the real audience you want, fans, friends, family. MMM RADIO is the easiest way to get what we all want, real listeners.  You’ll aslo find links to really sick gaming site, and plenty of other MMM RADIO based links.


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